Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Lay Down Your Link

Links again for your reading pleasure. Don't be lazy, it doesn't take much muscle power to click and read some good stuff that fellow bloggers have been ruminating on.
Paolo (Okinawa Assault) is heading back to his childhood to talk about Sister Act. Isn't Whoopi just fantastic in that?

Yojimbo (Let's Not Talk About Movies) covers a scene from Taxi Driver that's shorter than his usual fare, but still packs a punch - like much of Scorsese's work in that film.

What happens when lead actors get looked over for their supporting players? Univarn (A Life in Equinox) gives us five examples. I'd probably add any random number of Woody Allen flicks to the list, he's always so weird giving the supporting players interesting things to do. Case in point Dianne Wiest hi-jacking Hannah and her Sisters and Bullets Over Broadway.

Mike (You Talking To Me) writes a fine article on his love for Fellini. 

Luke (Journalistic Skepticism) doesn't like Paul Giamati or Philip Seymour Hoffman. Tsk, tsk, Luke.
Laura Linney or Frances McDormand? I told CS (Big Thoughts from a Small Mind) that this match-up seems odd, but Laura wins easily. Is it as simple for you?

Jose (Movies Kick Ass) is such a good friend, not only does her subvert his blog name to talk about TV. He sat through Boardwalk Empire all for me - even though he didn't like it much. BUT, he does manage to serve up a nice post on why he doesn't like it. Although hating on Michael Pitt is a low-blow (shockingly left off the Emmy ballot.)
AND head over to Rich (Wide Screen World) where Meredith, Univarn, he and I discuss movie stuff.


Colleen said...

Thanks! Those should keep me busy and out of trouble for awhile.

Paolo said...

Thanks for the linkage! Speaking of supporting work, it's like Woody Allen has found a Dianne 2.0 on Patty. He won't make a feature about their characters but they steal the show anyway.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

colleen good to know.

paolo god, if only he'd at least help patty to an oscar nod!

Paolo said...

You're right, she hasn't noticeably gotten a nod yet. Bollocks!

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

paolo i spent half an hour last week trying to remember if she was nominated or not, and i loved her in pieces of april. the nomination is just often forgotten.