Tuesday, 9 August 2011

The King’s Speech, The Musical: Track List

You probably might have heard by now that The King’s Speech is headed to Broadway, and I really am intrigued by the state of affairs which has turned the film from affable Best Picture contender to loathed Oscar winner. (I was a vaguely reticent fan when I first saw, but upon multiple viewings it ended up in my top 7 that year).
I’m interested in the notion of how the film will transfer to theatre, I could imagine the libretto would be rather simple – the script is straightforward. It’s the music – the crux of a musical – that has me more anxious. I happened to get my hands (illicitly, of course) on a drafted list of songs for the 2012 opening. I’ve left my thoughts below on what I imagine they could be about where necessary.
  • The Microphone – Ensemble
  • Speech Therapy– Elizabeth
  • The Penguins – Bertie
  • My Castle, My Rules – Lionel
  • Unnamed Song – Bertie, King George V
  • The King’s Speech I– Lionel, Bertie and Elizabeth
  • When I Was a Boy – Bertie, Lionel
  • King George the Stammer-er – Bertie, David
This would probably be the scene for the first The King's Speech number...

  • When I Was A Boy (Reprise) – Bertie
  • Shit and Fuck and Tits – Albert and Lionel
  • The King’s Speech II– Bertie, David and Ensemble
  • Unnamed Song - Lionel
  • If I Must Be Queen – Elizabeth, Bertie (I imagine that this could be a sleeper number that ends up becoming the emotional gamut of the show)
  • Confrontation / I Have A Voice– Bertie, Lionel
  • The King’s Speech III – Albert, Lionel, Elizabeth and Ensemble

It seems the songwriters are playing on the concept of his literal speech and his speech (as in the manner of speaking), which is the only reason I could account for a resounding THREE songs with the title. I’m actually surprised that Elizabeth actually has a solo, this is – after all – a boys’ piece so she’s probably lucky to get even that. I like that the purported list has little more than a dozen numbers, which probably means it probably won’t be sung-through. I can’t imagine what the solo number for Lionel in the second act could be about. Maybe we might get a further glimpse of home life…who knows?
Fingers crossed; maybe the lyrics to some of these gems might leak before the year’s out. *I’ll do my utmost to make that happen.*
Now that we've seen the track list are you anticipating the film's transfer to the stage?
(To state the obvious, in case the deadpan is misleading - this information is falsified.)


Fritz said...

I would so see this!

ruth said...

I must be living under a rock as I haven't heard that it's going to theater, but yeah I can see it working in that format. I'd be interested to see it if it comes my way. I adore this film and the score is beauuuutiful!

Joanna said...

This is great. Though I feel like there should be a song called "That Wallis" - an ode to Wallis Simpson, my favorite American divorcee ever. ;-)

TomS said...

I had not heard about the musical version. I'm very interested, of course! although a bit worried... I would hope the music deepens the relationships and not trivializes the characters, nor their story... Something on the emotional level of "Next To Normal" would be truly fine...Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

fitz thank you, i think.

ruth i'm still a bit sad desplat still hasn't won an oscar.

joana i wanted her to have a number, but it just wasn't working (but this is only the draft, who knows what's tome come?)

tom i suppose we shall see. (crosses fingers).