Thursday, 4 August 2011

I’ll Link A Stairway to Paradise…

…but before the links, two relentless reminders for you... If you’re anything remotely close to a fan of current TV I’d love for you to participate in the blog-a-thon on Saturday where you devote a post to your favourite episode of any scripted show of the last television season (June 2010, to May 2011).

And, we’re into a new month of LAMB Casting and we’re taking on the Billy Wilder classic Sabrina – a film I’m actually not a major fan of, but one which I think boasts great potential for a recast. So, get going and send me your ideas.

Now, on with those links

CS (Big Thoughts from a Small Mind) looks at some cinematic accounts of musicians, and only last week Nicholas (Cinema Romantico) was talking about the very underrated Walk the Line. Regardless of who you were backing, Oscar wise, weren't Reese and Joaquin lovely in that?

Cameron Crowe has been running through my mind lately, especially when Guy got to talking about We Bought a Zoo and Hatter (The Dark of the Matinee)and Jess (Insight into Entertainment) talk about his eighties comedy Fast Times, which I've never seen. Incidentally, I'm not a fan of Crowe, but I keep thinking We Bought a Zoo is going to be great. Is the presence of Scarlett Johansson skewing my judgement?

I wasn't a fan of Last Night when I saw it, but Craig (Dark Eye Socket) loves it, and his review is excellent. I can't even say I disagree with him, he makes some good points in defense of it.

Fritz (Fritz and the Oscars) gives a massive send-up to Rita Moreno in West Side Story, who I like. Every time I think of this movie (a favourite of mine), though, I remember George Chakiris and I loathe that performance. Tsk.

Luke (Journalistic Skepticism) is doing a month long movie blog-a-thon. Here's what he's told us, thus far.

I trust that everyone's voting over at The Critical Condition where the ultimate pop song showdown is going on. Whitney Huston, Tina Turner and Paula Abdul got knocked out in round one, don't let the same thing happen to Heart. Don't let the same thing happen to Beyonce (or Beyonce). Head on over, and you'll see what I mean.


MovieNut14 said...

Do I detect a loathing towards Chakiris because he won over Monty's excellent work that year?

Nicholas Prigge said...

Thank you, sir. Also, thanks for pointing the way to the ultimate pop song tournament. That's my kinda thing, even though the fact it seems "9 to 5" upset "Bad Romance" in the 1st round and "Only In My Dreams" isn't even in the bracket (!) both make me want to run around outside shouting obscenities.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

anna that's just ONE of the things that exasperates. he's not even the best supporting actor in his MOVIE. god knows why the awesomeness that is rita/anita would fall for him.

nicholas the voting got intense, as you might be able to make out from the comments.