Wednesday, 10 August 2011

I Had Myself A True Link...

My favourite post this week comes courtesy of Blake (Bitchin’ Film Reviews) puts forth a fine argument as to why superhero films are the new romantic comedies. I like his argument even more because he touches on two films Friends with Benefits and Captain America which I had issues with despite the positive reviews.
I don’t really love Polanski’s The Pianist but Stevee (Cinematic Paradox) LOVES it. No, I don’t think the film is poor – it’s rather good, but I never managed to appreciate it as vociferously as everyone did, and I always resented it because I felt the story behind it was more wholly loved than the film itself.
Nick is relentless at coming up with the strangest ideas for a post and this top ten is a winner. Has anyone seen the trailer for The Whistleblower (the film which will net Rachel Weisz her second Oscar nomination)? Over at Anomalous Material he imagines ten actors saying a line from the film. # 5 is the best. Seriously.

Luke (Journalistic Skepticism) doesn’t like Mulholland Drive. I don’t feel much for the film either way; although I know Castor loves it. It just sort of sits there for me...anyone care to make an argument for me to watch it again?

Eponymous The Flick Chick lists her five favourite body-switching films. She unfortunately doesn’t have the Lindsay/Jamie switch of Freaky Friday. But, she’s never seen it (and #1 and #2 are golden).

The summer movie season is coming to a close, and not fast enough for me. Maybe the rest of the year will be as underwhelming, but I’m hoping the string of disappointments this year is just because the fall season has reached. Ruth (FlixChatter) lists her five favourite summer blockubsters, so I guess her summer has been going better that mine

And to close, who isn’t anticipating Soderbergh’s Contagion. I haven’t keeping track of the behind-the-scenes rambling of most films, opting to be surprised so I didn’t realise Jude was in until Paolo started talking about the new posters over at The Film Experience. I’ve avoided the trailer, and the IMDB page. It’s like a Talented Mr. Ripley reunion...but for Cate. Sigh.

I don't usually watch trailers but could I honestly resist Vanessa Redgrave? No, I could not. Sure, the Shakespearean roots are not obvious but I never really did like Coriolanus much I'm just excited to see VANESSA REDGRAVE. And Ralph.


Castor said...

Thanks for the linkage Andrew!

Amir said...

I love The Pianist. I attribute that mostly to Brody's performance than anything. That scene with the pickle jar... one of the most memorable performances of recent years, in my opinion.

Stevee Taylor said...

Thanks for the link!

I reckon the Coriolanus trailer is pretty awesome. Mind you, I'm going through a HUGE Ralph Fiennes phase at the moment...

Nicholas Prigge said...

Thank you, my friend! So glad you enjoyed that post. And you're the second person to nominate Bening for #1. Hmmmmmmm.

Alex in Movieland said...

I thought the Coriolanus trailer was just ok. The whole setting seemed weird to me, as in: confusing. Hope they clear it up in the film.

Ralph seemed very Vold., and there's not enough Vanessa in the trailer to fully confirm the future Oscar win. a nom for sure.

ruth said...

Thanks for the link, Andrew! And yeah, Coriolanus looks epic!

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

castor than you, for your blog.

amir i can't even remember if brody makes my top 5, but 2002 was a fine year for acting. i'm still a bit annoyed he won ddl's oscar.

stevee who can blame you for going through a fiennes phase (tell me you've seen the english patient)

nicholas well, i'm as nepotistic as they come. i'll probably put bening as #1 more often than not.

alex but vanessa is the woman who won an oscar for being in a movie for a short period of time. and remember howards end, she's out before the first third. i just want to see her tearing into beautiful words.

ruth i was just hopeful before, but now i'm EXCITED!

Stevee Taylor said...

Yup, I've seen The English Patient. Twas a very good movie!

Alex in Movieland said...


But Coriolanus just doesn't look like Best Picture material to me, while Howards End was dreamy & Julia was major contender. And she gave such fabulous performances in both. I'm not saying it might not be the case now, I'm just not feeling so sure about the win after seeing this trailer.