Thursday, 25 August 2011

A Heart Full of Links

Take a few seconds out of your day to head over to these good spots and get in some good reading.
Seems like everyone is talking about The Help, I submitted my review earlier today.  I haven't read the book but Mark (The Critical Condition) has and touches on three issues he thinks robs the film of its bite. I'm still not on board with the film promoting white-saviour antics but he makes some good points. Especially on the Constantine arc.
Yojimbo (Let's Not Talk About Movies) talks up Richard Burton's The Spy Who Came In From the Cold.  It's one of his seven Oscar nominated performances, but one I tend to forget. The movie's not usual Oscar fare...but then, what is?

Alex (Alex in Movieland) is a Best Actress boy, so he turns to the Emmy's and takes a look at the nominees for Best Comedy Actress and Best Drama Actress. For me it's Mireille and Amy but his write-ups are interesting to read. I always love seeing what cinephiles think of TV (Ryan and I should be getting to discussing the overall nominees and their submissions, soonish.)
And, Walter (The Silver Screening Room) isn't really a Best Actress guy, but he is going back to 1964 and looking at the Best Actress race. I honestly can't remember any of the performances other than Julie well, I remember Sophia being fiery...but..isn't she always?
Remember American Psycho? It's the only performance of Bale's that I truly love he almost made my top 5 that year. Dan (Dan the Movie Man) takes a look at the film.
 Sometimes I feel like such an awful member of the LAMB I always forget  to keep up with events. I'm not sure if the Cronerberg event has passed, but Anna reviews the film of his I'll touch on if it's not. A History of Violence is one of the finest films of 2005...and perhaps, the decade, even if she's vaguely reticent.

Ruth (FlixChatter) watched Branagh's adaptation of what is arguably Shakespeare's most beloved play Hamlet and she loved it. Incidentally, as much as I love the Bard Hamlet probably wouldn't even rank in my top 10 favourites of his. But, then, there's so much goodness to plow through. For the record, I think Branagh gives a good performance but taking into context the character for me he comes across as too much of a dubious anti-hero and not at all the confused lad that Hamlet should be.

Summer's almost done, I've been less than enthused. Tom (Reinvention: The Journal of a Dog-Lover, Book-Reader, Moviegoer, and Writer) discusses it in a two parts, one, two.
And, finally, this post is a week old, but I have to link to it. Nick (Anomalous Material) masterfully discusses what he considers to be the flaws in Inception. It's a fine read.
Don't forget to keep reading and supporting your fellow bloggers. Okay, as you were.


MovieNut14 said...

Tsk tsk. And you called yourself a contributor to LAMB. And speaking of LAMB, how much longer will the voting for LAMB Casting be going on for?

Anonymous said...

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Nick Prigge said...

Thank you, my friend.

You're right, everyone is talking about "The Help." I didn't much want to see it but now I'm getting intrigued. I need to get in the loop.

ruth said...

Hi Andrew, thanks for the link, very kind of you, sir. I suppose I don't have much to compare the Branagh's Hamlet to, but even if I did, I think he did a tremendous job. I commend him more for his directing vision more than his acting as Hamlet though, Winslet definitely steals the show in that regard (oh and Derek Jacobi is brilliant, too).

TomS said...

Andrew, very good links. I read them at your suggestion. Much enlightenment to be found! And thank you for reading, noticing, and including my own. Just posted the 3rd and final installment.

Paolo said...

Ruth's Hamlet was a good conversation starter, and I totally forgot how 'old' Branagh was when we at high school were programmed that Hamlet would be close to and has the same problems as adolescents.