Thursday, 18 August 2011

Darling, Rosaline...

Yesterday I got into a lively mini-discussion on twitter with Ryan and Amy about the recent plans to adapt the soon to be written novel about Romeo’s Rosaline (via). Remember Rosaline? She’s the unseen girl in Romeo & Juliet who Romeo spends the first act moping about until he meets the love of his life. She shows up in Shakespeare in Love played by Sandra Reinton as a maid who is Will’s unfaithful girlfriend before Viola. Truthfully, the story captured my attention at first because of Keira Knightley who’s in talks to play the role. There’s a possibility that this won’t reach fruition but my interest in piqued. I’m ever so fond of Keira and the concept seems interesting. Although, I’m not as over the moon about Benvolio (the lesser of the two Capulet cousins) being the object of her affection.
That didn’t stop me from pondering on potential actors to play opposite Keira. It’s a toss-up as to what the actual plot will be but I’m sticking to Ben Whishaw was Benvolio, and how about Rupert Friend and Carey Mulligan as Romeo and Juliet for a Pride and Prejudice reunion. This isn’t just another prequel/sequel for me – it’s a genius concept (now if only one of my spin-offs could get picked up.)
Interested in this concept? What do you think of Keira as Rosaline? Who’d you cast as Romeo and Juliet?


Ryan T. said...

Whishaw as Benvolio would be great and I can totally see Friend/Mulligan in the R+J roles, but I jokingly tweeted that it would be great if James McAvoy and Emily Blunt can reprise their animated love story in Gnomeo and Juliet. Of course the Atonement reunion is purely coincidental. Wait, now I'm thinking Orlando Bloom for Romeo. I can totally see that.

Movies on my Mind said...

Keira Knightley cannot act. She's so bland in everything. She's just posh, pretty and English. Sorry man but I have to disagree with you on that one.

Amir said...

I like Carey more than Keira, but I can't see her as Juliet.
Keira seems fit to a role like this though.

Candice Frederick said...

i used to think keira couldn't act..until i saw never let me go (she was the only good thing about that movie)...and later Last night. romeo and juliet shouldn't be "reimagined" again. i think she's better (and too old) for this. let some teeny bopper step into the role.

*FilmAddict* said...

I always thought it was interesting how fast Romeo seemed to drop Rosaline.

Anyhow Keira as Rosaline? I'd like to see another. If it is a costume flick...I'd like to see another in the role. She's definitely to stick thin to be a girl in that era.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

ryan OOOOH, orlando YES. 2) because i miss him in movies and b) he really would be nice for this and it'd be a POTC reunion.

movies well, i guess if you can't see her worth i can't explain it to you (though i agree that she is posh, pretty and english.)

amir any suggestions for juliet?

candice but some teeny-bopper might make this movie terrible. and, really i sort of want keira in everything.

film addict well, similarly thin gwyneth pulled off viola de lesseps in the same time period, so maybe keira can?