Monday, 4 July 2011

What Are You Watching?

Anyone else enjoying Fiona Shaw on True Blood? I wouldn't know because other than a few of you I have no idea what you readers watch on TV, which completely invalidates the TV part of this blog. As much as I love movies I often think that knowing what people watch on a small screen is a better barometer of their personalities than the big screen. Or, maybe I'm just being inquisitive and want to know what tickles your fancy? True Blood fans? Burn After Reading? Anticipating Breaking Bad or DamagesThe Closer maybe?
What are you watching on TV?


Robert said...

Heheh! I'm glad to see that i'm the first to comment on this. I'm looking forward to Damages though i'm still catching up with past seasons. Believe it or not I STILL haven't watched the Tara finale. However, I expect my tv viewing will be dominated by the return of Weeds. YES!

Luke said...

Ah, summer TV. Basically I'm typically sent toward the premium channels once summer rolls in. I'm about to undertake Game of Thrones, and The Big C starting up again has me pleased. I'm of course still trucking along with True Blood, and I'm super stoked for Showtime's TV version of the awesome Web Therapy. And Robert, I totally understand holding off on the Tara finale! It's bittersweet to watch a series finale of a show that got canned too soon. Rest assured it's a genius last few episodes though!

Greg Boyd said...

I try to watch just about anything that's good. My current obsession (while I'm waiting for "BB" season 4 to start) is FX's "Sons of Anarchy". Really good so far, and I do love being able to watch the episodes on Netflix streaming. Hope to be all caught up by the season 4 premiere this fall.

My favorite shows currently airing would be (in some order): "Breaking Bad", "Treme" (only S1 so far, since I don't get HBO), "Parks and Rec", "Community", and "Mad Men". "Justified" might make the cut, too, but based on season 1 only it's not quite there (still waiting for season 2 to show up on either DVD or Hulu). Oh, and I can probably still include "FNL" as well, since it's not quite finished with its NBC run.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

robert weeds. yikes. i haven't watched that in years.

luke YES, lisa back on tv makes me very happy. and, i haven't watched game of thrones yet. you should watch boardwalk empire instead. ha.

greg treme and sons of anarchy are too shows that slipped through the cracks. i wish i could watch everything. which is superior?