Friday, 1 July 2011

TV Week in Review: Summer Premiere (x2)

Who knows? Maybe two shows don’t deserve a caption of “tv week” in review, especially when they occur on two nights only. But, when those two shows are The Big C and True Blood, and their season premieres which were great, I say they’re both worth it.
True Blood / SHE'S NOT HERE [B+/A-]
The best thing to say about this finale was how well integrated and organic the shift in time felt. It feels neither gimmicky nor overwrought. The glossy fairie manages to come off well, too, because it turns out that it looks unnecessarily gaudy for a reason. It IS gaudy and unnatural. Sure, it’s a bit like a roll-call in the way the characters are lined up so we can see what’s changed but it’s handled well. Woo always writes great episodes and it reminds me that True Bloodis one of the best directed series on television right now. Even when writing beats are a bit splotchy, the direction thrives. I didn’t care too much for Tara turning into a lesbian, even though I do give them props because it’s a logical occurrence. Oh, and YAY – Fiona Shaw.
[Writing: B+ / Directing A-]
While I was watching the season two opener of The Big C I couldn’t help but remember that EW article claiming that the show is rarely funny. I’m not sure if the writers have decided to come back with a vengeance, or if I’m actively looking this time around but this episode is permeated with excellent comedic beats that make it in an incomparable premier. Things aren’t shrouded with secrets because Paul and Adam both know of Cathy’s sickness and then Rebecca and Sean do. Cynthia Nixon’s reaction is excellent; I’m really hoping they turn her into a regular. It’s great seeing Cathy and Paul bonding and it’s really fun watching where this show decides to go. It’s nice to that the show plans on covering each of the four seasons for the four years of its tenure, but I have to wonder how they’re going to keep Gabriel Basso looking young. Ah well, they’ll cross that bridge when they get there. In the interim, more please?
[Writing: A- / Directing: B+]
Standout Performers
Laura Linney in The Big C A-
Oliver Platt in The Big C B+
Anna Paquin in True Blood B+
Ryan Kwanten in True Blood B+
Cynthia Nixon in The Big C B+
 I can’t wait for July to get episodes of Damages, The Closer and Breaking Bad to add to my line-up. Did you watch either of these season premieres?


CrazyCris said...

I'm loving how True Blood is veering so far off from the books! Alan Ball has taken an interesting concept, shittily developped (the books are pretty bad!) and made something wonderful!!! I enjoy how he brings the interesting elements from the novels and just makes it all better.

VERY happy that summer's here again! :D

Jose said...

You must make me a schedule of shows I watch u.u
I have lost all control over what I read, the movies I see and the TV shows! It's too much! With that said, Laura Linney will win this Emmy whether we like it or not,she's so fantastic in this show.
Also is it wrong that I giggle every time Nixon and Hickey have sex onscreen? Must be the weirdest thing ever for them, yes I know I'm being immature but humor me...

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

crazycris i LOVE ball, so yeah i love what he's done thus far with true blood.

jose i wouldn't be very wounded if linney wins. she's excellent. and yes you're being childish about nixon and hickey. and yes, the same thought has ran through my mind. (isn't cynthia just delicious here, though?)