Thursday, 28 July 2011

The Spin-Off: 2.1

I've been remiss about some of the running features on the blog and it’s been some time since I delivered on an episode of The Spinoff – wherein I find ideas for sequels (prequels, spin-offs – you name it) more inspired than what Hollywood is tossing out. Of course, in Hollywood’s defence that’s not a difficult task when the most recent sequel in production is Ghost Rider, but I digress.

CS actually had a post a few weeks ago about knowing when to keep supporting characters supportive so I should probably tread lightly in the resuscitating of the feature. But, I’m starting with a kick-ass supporting character – Matron Mama Morton from Chicago as played by Queen Latifah. Chicago was a major high in 2002, what with its 13 Oscar nominees and whatnot. And, sometimes people remember Queen Latifah’s nod as one of those coaster nominations but I think that’s a bit of an underestimation of the work she does. But, this post isn’t about her specifically – it’s about Mama.
Chicago runs amok with interesting characters on the side-lines, and Mama Morton’s number is one of those pseudo-biographical musical numbers (I am ---, and so on) and it’s not just a significant number for the double entendre moments. I do wonder if Marshall and Condon were being anachronistic when they cast a black woman as a prison matron in the twenties, but wouldn’t that be an interesting (non-musical) story to tell? Just imagine all the hijinks she could get herself caught up in. Hollywood has been known to make money off ass kicking females, although Mama Morton’s brand of justice probably won’t be very altruistic. I’ve got faith in Queen Latifah, but I’m tempted to bring in Viola Davis for the spin-off. And who better than Martin Scorsese to direct? He knows his gritty crime dramas - and yes, Mama's tale is going to be a gritty crime drama, and Alfre Woodard will show up to play her mother.
Would you watch this spin-off? How would you rate it as against Hollywood’s own sequel ideas?


Ryan T. said...

Wait, will the spin-off NOT be a musical then? Because I think I disapprove of that. I love Queen Latifah in this role. Really made it her own (as trite as that sounds).

Brandon B. said...

She would really be an interesting spin off; I think Mama has more baggage than we get to actually see, but Latifah let's us see flickers of her personal feelings of her place and social standing as a black woman in this world. She has a sense of inferiority and integrity that goes past the narrative that keeps her limited.

Louise said...

I like this idea a lot and Queen Latifah was great as Mama Morton. I would definitely (probably, maybe) go to see this.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

ryan well if you come on board as a producer (aka money) we'll hire ebb/kanderand make them pen some killer tunes.

brandon profound comment, and yeah latifah does do fine work with an almost slight role, and that voice. gah.

louise thanks for commenting, and glad to see i'm not blowing smoke. ha.

W.R. said...

Viola Davis and Martin Scorsese sounds like an excellent combination. The last Scorsese centered a movie around a female lead she won an Oscar. :)