Friday, 15 July 2011

Soak Up the Sun: The Talented Mr. Ripley

When Tom Ripley travels to Italy to procure Dickie Greenleaf (at Mr. Greenleaf’s request) he must decide on a way to inject himself, smoothly, into the lives of Dickie and his girlfriend Marge. Truly, each time I see The Talented Mr. Ripley I love it a little more. Even though, The English Patient is my favourite Minghella film there’s an inimitable style to The Talented Mr. Ripley. This shot of Dickie and Marge soaking up the sun is a brilliant example.
It’s almost gratuitous, Jude laid out for the Italian sun and even before we realise Minghella’s getting all symbolic with imagery and his characters. It’s not just Tom’s would-be lust for Dickie. Jude’s looks almost golden in the sun there, and I’m immediately thinking of that adage “all that glitters...” because as charming as Jude is Dickie’s more than just a little egocentric. And, I love that it’s one of our first shots of him. He’s lazily soaking up the sun, but it doesn’t seem like an immediately lazy act. We’re more inclined to think that it’s a god among men enjoying his pleasures, which is just how Dickie thinks of himself – and Tom for some time.
As far as enjoying the sun goes, I wish we could all look as good as Dickie doing so (and have Gwyneth Paltrow on arm, to boot).


MovieNut14 said...

Oh, you bastard. Just what I need to start the morning: gratuitous shirtless shots of Jude. Bear in mind I'm not complaining.

Paolo said...

Matt > Jude, even in the former's whiteness.