Thursday, 21 July 2011

Maybe These (11) Links Are Magic

I love this post from the very smart Tim (Antagony & the Ecstasy) stepping back to look at the vastly underrated Peter Pan from 2003. Does anyone remember that film? Does anyone remember how good Sumpter was in the title role? So nice to see him shining a spotlight on it with his always excellently written prose.
I have massive love for Chocolat. You know, that sweet little Miramax film that popped up randomly at precursors then earned 5 Oscar nominations including Best Picture? Yup, that one. Jose (Movies Kick Ass) gives a fond review of it over at Pop Matters and I couldn't be happier.
Walter (The Silver Screening Room) is traveling back to 1964 for some Oscar retrospection, check out what he thought of the Best Director nominees. How random and ridiculous is it that George Cukor won his Oscar for My Fair Lady  of all things - from Holiday, to Little Women, to The Philadelphia Story to Adam's Rib and he wins his Oscar for the movie with the WRONG Hepburn!!!! Oh, Oscars.
I can't remember where I was saying it , but I miss Cate Blanchett desperately. Why is she so scarce? Fritz (Fritz and the Oscars) dedicates a post to her work in The Aviator as he counts down the Supporting Actress winners from worst to best. Cate is his #32.

And while we're on the Oscars' arc, anyone expecting Midnight in Paris to kill at the Oscars? Rumblings abound, but they are just rumblings and silly me I've yet to see it. Ugh. Mike (You Talking To Me) loves it.
I love when film bloggers talk about TV (a plug for my upcoming blog-a-thon) and CS (Big Thoughts From A Small Mind) is wondering who, if anyone, is winning the fight for supremacy between television and cinema.

Richard (Riku Writes) thinks we spend too much time thinking about "greatest" films forgetting those that might not be the best, but are a great deal of fun. He gives us a list of ten.

My two favourite film composers at the moment are Alexandre Desplat and Dario Marianelli, the two most ubiquitous are probably Hans Zimmer and James Horner, in a face-off I'd choose the latter and Luke (Journalistic Skepticism) devotes a write-up to some of his best work. Do you even have to ask which is my favourite...clue: lots of water...
I swear, I have no memory of Soderbergh's Out of Sight, probably because I saw it before I got all crazy and cinephile-ish. I need to watch again just to see if my hatred of George Clooney can be abated. Ed Howard (Only the Cinema) gives it a glowing review.

I didn't like Chloe very much when it was released, I still don't really like it even if it has some fairly good acting (and surprisingly well shot). The Mad Hatter (The Dark of the Matinee) writes up on it.
Why do we have so many film bloggers? James D. (Central Florida Film Critic) gives a great reason while trumpeting Tree of Life which I've yet to see. I'm so behind on 2011 viewing, it's ridiculous.


The Mad Hatter said...

Linkage! Dude, thanks a lot. To be clear, when I rviewed CHLOE in 2010, I was only lukewarm on it ( and still am ). But for this blogging event there was no second choice:

Nobody makes my hometown look as good as Egoyan does here!

Luke said...

Ha! Thanks! (I think.) You've officially inspired me to devote my next spotlight to Alexandre. Loving what he's been doing lately. One of the most diversified composers working. He hardly has a calling card (no easy feat in the scoring world).

Walter L. Hollmann said...

Thank you, sir. And yes, Cukor's win is just...silly.

And thanks, too, for bringing my attention to the Peter Pan post! I had to defend that version to a group of Hook fans the other day. Not pleasant.