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Emmy Chatter: Writing and Directing (Comedy)

Most persons don't deign to predict the writing and directing categories, but we're extra special so we took a look. Ryan and I are back with more Emmy predictions. (Previously: Guest Players, Writing and Directing for Drama, Lead Actors, Supporting Actors). So, look out below for more on your favourite comedies - Glee, Modern Family, The Office, 30 Rock (but not in that order).
Andrew: So...writing and directing...are we ready?

Ryan: Sounds good. Where to begin?

Andrew: Well, can I preface with saying I find the predictions for writing and directing for a comedy way more difficult?

Ryan: Well since I find predicting for writing/direction difficult in general, as I mentioned before, this was nearly impossible. So yeah. Especially since you kind of know MAYBE which shows to focus on, because Emmy always pick those shows and yet you see all these other submissions that are SO good, but probably have no chance.

Andrew: Yup...on to the writing first I guess. In the case of full disclosure, I'm giving you the WGA nods. Modern Family “Earthquake”, The Office “Wuphf.com” / 30 Rock “When It Rains It Pours”. The rest are ineligible. I just like to see what WGA are interested in. Of course, this doesn't mean these will be nominated.
Ryan: Of course not. Certainly The Office will have a few more choices now.

Andrew: Definitely. Where to begin?

Ryan: Well I was going to say... The Office.

Andrew: Sure....but I have no idea which to bet on for that. This last half of the season had some supremely written episodes.

Ryan: I know. The way I see it, they have three episodes... all dealing with Michael's departure. "Garage Sale" with the proposal, "Michael's Last Dundies," and of course Carrell's final episode "Good-Bye Michael". That last episode is a good bet, but "Garage Sale" was so expertly done.

Andrew: I think that the first and last are great more because of the direction, and I kind of feel that they'll want to remember Kaling's writing so I'm thinking the Dundies will be i...even if I wish that they'd submitted Kaling's work on “Classy Christmas”.

Ryan: Yeah. I actually thought that Dundies episode wasn't as strong as the others, but oh well. I see your reasoning and it makes sense. But we'll see. So... Glee?

Andrew: So we can be assured that The Office will get at least one...

Ryan: Most definitely.

Andrew: ...now Glee I can see it getting it, and then again I can see it not. They've only submitted three episodes, and for me one towers above the rest.

Ryan: Good of them to only submit three episodes, but honouring Glee for its writing is... oh man. I don't want to be mean. Which episode seems best to you?

Andrew: I'd have loved if they'd submitted “Furt” or “Never Been Kissed or “Original Song” which I think had the strongest writing but of the three I think “The Substitute” is the best. Gwyneth works a la Kristin in “The Rhodes Not Taken” She interacts with cast, the episode has Sue being well written, has Schue interacting well with Sue and Gwynnie. And has Teri being useful.
Ryan: Thanks for recapping since other than Gwyneth, I couldn't remember much of the episode, which is coincidentally airing as we speak. I want to be cynical and say they may gravitate towards “Born This Way” since it's a Very Special Episode.

Andrew: “Born This Way” has some excellently written parts, for example Emma's bit about being a ginger was hilariously written but then there are those awful bits like Quinn's portion. Vomit. But, I don't know what they like Glee for...
Ryan: Yeah. For all we know they're off the Glee train.

Andrew: Indeed. They SHOULD be off the 30 Rock train too. Right?

Ryan: You'd think so, but even with a less-than-stellar season the show gave some nice submissions. Their "100" and "When It Rains, It Pours" could make it in.

Andrew: I hated the 100.

Ryan: I should clarify... so did I.

Andrew: The best of the lot, for me, is “Queen of Jordan”...but that probably won't make it.

Ryan: God, that was hilarious. Who knows it very well could. Okay, so another big favourite for them... Modern Family. Thoughts?

Andrew: Yet another show with a slew of potential nods

Ryan: Well “Earthquake” has a good chance, WGA nominated and all, but they have LOTS of choices.

Andrew: This is another show which submitted a number of potential bids, but I don't think all are excellent. The episode I think that was best done isn't there (saving that for a surprise when I reveal MY nominees this week.)
Ryan: Of course.

Andrew: I think “Caught in the Act” and “Earthquake” are the logical choices...but, episodes like “The Kiss” or “The Musical Man” had fine reviews.

Ryan: I think so too. I think "Manny Get Your Gun" has a chance as well. Like The Office, the show will get nominated for something. So sadly, I feel like the episodes and shows we mentioned are it in terms of what they might nominate, but WOW so many episodes they are missing.

Andrew: We've got shows like United States of Tara and Nurse Jackie which could be remembered, or the pilots for Raising Hope and The Big C...or Parks and Recreation (which has Poehler getting a potential bid).

Ryan: Exactly. For United States of Tara, the finale was great. And don't even ask me to pick a favourite episode from Parks and Recreation.

Andrew: Okay, I'm going to go first here.
30 Rock for “100”
The Big C for “Pilot”
Modern Family for “Caught in the Act”
The Office for “Goodbye Michael”
Parks and Recreation for “The Fight”

Ryan: Predictions:
30 Rock for “When It Rains it Pours”
Modern Family for “Caught in the Act”
Modern Family for “Earthquake”
The Office for “Goodbye, Michael”
Parks and Recreation for “Lil’ Sebastian”

Andrew: Quite ballsy of you not nominating Tina Fey.

Ryan: I know. I don't know what's wrong with me. There's probably no way they'd not nominate Tina Fey, but again Community did it better in "Paradigms of Human Memory!" Community deserves some love.

Andrew: Ha. So true. So, directing. DGA nods, Entourage for “Lose Yourself” (finale) / Modern Family “Halloween” / 30 Rock “Live Show”. Those 3 are eligible. But, let's start with Glee. They submitted more than in writing...and infinitely better. (Ryan Murphy was nominated at the DGA for “The Power of Madonna”, back when the show was brilliant).

Ryan: "The Sue Sylvester Shuffle" will get attention definitely.

Andrew: Yeah, I think “Sue Sylvester Shuffle” is a threat because it's gaudy and looks over-directed which is what some people think "good" directing is.
Ryan: That's my thoughts exactly. But then "Special Education" and "Original Song" are the Regionals/Sectionals episodes.

Andrew: Logically, “Duets” and “Furt” should be the frontrunners.

Ryan: Logically. With them, it's rarely about that though.

Andrew: And “The Substitute” is always a threat because Murphy directed it.

Ryan: So it could be any number. Though I feel they'll at most only get 2 nominations.

Andrew: At most or at least?

Ryan: Well they have other shows to consider. Jumping to 30 Rock... I think "Live Show" is a lock.

Andrew: Really? Ick. Hated it. Over, the 100?

Ryan: I think so. At least because it was such a big deal. It's gaudy and looks over-directed.

Andrew: Ha. I'm quotable! Bill Condon is a big name and he directs The Big C opener, I think he's a threat.

Ryan: Yeah, he's in my longlist-shortlist. And speaking of name directors... The Office has some of its cast working double-time.

Andrew: “Goodbye Michael” nis probably the lock here, though I'd love for Rainn to get in for the Christmas episode.

Ryan: No doubt. I thought I had more to share in regards to The Office, but I don’t.

Andrew: Modern Family?

Ryan: I know "Halloween" was DGA-nominated, but I think their strongest bet is "See You Next Fall." I don't get why they didn't submit that for Writing.

Andrew: Really? I didn't like “See You Next Fall”. And, strangely, despite the theatrics “Halloween” doesn't feel overdone.

Ryan: So we're just disagreeing all over the place tonight. That's great.

Andrew: Yay for diversity.

Ryan: Haha. Well Raising Hope has its pilot, but I love the title of their other submission "Don't Vote For This Episode." I didn't see the episode, but if I was a voter, I'd watch it.

Andrew: Ha. I get you. I sort of think Entourage should be considered. Not only because of DGA, I think this last season was its best yet.

Ryan: As a non-watcher, I'll take your word for it. Which episode(s)?

Andrew: I figure Lose Yourself, the finale.

Ryan: Parks and Recreation or Community? Will they get any love?

Andrew: The former for “The Fight” and the latter for “A Fistful of Paintballs”?

Ryan: Community submitted its Paintball finale, which doesn't compare to the original, but still something to behold on a sitcom.

Andrew: So, predictions?

Ryan: Okay, predictions:
30 Rock “Live Show”
The Big C “Pilot”
Glee “Sue Sylvester Shuffle”
Modern Family “See You Next Fall”
The Office “Goodbye Michael”
Andrew: My gleeful choices.
The Big C “Pilot”
Glee “The Substitute”
Glee “Sue Sylvester Shuffle”
The Office “Goodbye Michael”
Modern Family “Halloween”

Ryan: And thus ends probably the least exciting topic we'll talk about. Next, actresses and Shows!
He's so mean isn't he? It could be a strong list of nominees depending on what the Emmy's decide to go for. But what will they go for? What do you think?

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