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Emmy Chatter: Supporting Actresses

We started off with the nominees and ended up talking about my hatred for Betty White and the bipolar nature of Glee... and Ryan and I are back with Emmy predictions, the last group of potential acting nominees - the supporting women. The actual nominees are scheduled to be revealed on Thursday, here's what happened when we sat down to discuss the group.
Andrew: So, we saved the supporting women for laugh and it's not mistake. I think the field for supporting actresses in both categories is pretty stacked and thought there are some potential nominees I don't care for I think Emmy will choose wisely.

Ryan: I agree. I mean I actually didn't find it hard to narrow down to the 6 or so I think the Emmy would go for, but you can definitely do another list of 6 and still have great performances. With that said, I don't think the Emmys will go for too much new blood for Comedy.

Andrew: So odd you say that because the comedy bunch is the weaker of the two. And, I have to think that it's because Betty White's the frontrunner. I apologise to all concerned parties, but I am not a fan of her comedic work.

Ryan: I do love her, but there CAN be too much Betty White. And I'm totally giving away my picks early, but oddly enough she's the ONLY new blood I see making it in... and saying Betty White is new anything is hilarious.

Andrew: I don't watch the show, but if the show makes a killing maybe Wendie Mallick could make it in. I know I shouldn't knock White when I've not seen the show....but I always find her doing the same smart aleck-old woman shtick

Ryan: Which people love.

Andrew: Phyllis Somerville of The Big C does a fine job with the same shtick...but with more heart.

Ryan: I actually have only seen the premiere episode of Hot in Cleveland and it's just not my type of show even though I love all the women involved. I have no idea how much love the Emmys will give that show. I'm actually afraid.

Andrew: I'm worried it could be a Two and a Half Men situation, but maybe it's a good show.

Ryan: Maybe. We'll see. Now for a random jump... Glee. I love Jane Lynch, but this wasn't her season. Most episodes where she didn't make an appearance were good. Or "good" in Glee terms.

Andrew: But when she was good she was brilliant. I could list of three episodes I think she's phenomenal in – “Furt”, “The Substitute”, “Funeral” that order.

Ryan: So true and it's hard to not like her, the actress, not the character.

Andrew: But, I get you on how she's been a bit underwhelming at times. At least she still has things to do, poor Jayma was awesome last season and had nothing to do this year.

Ryan: Which is crazy because they could've mined so much from her OCD-ness and deciding over two guys, etc. But speaking of Glee ladies, Naya Rivera and Heather Morris brought me SO MUCH joy this season.

Andrew: But only in small bits for me. That's the thing about Glee the characters created are great but it's the follow through that's worrisome.

Ryan: I won't disagree with that point. I still love them though.

Andrew: Imagine what more conversations with Rachel and Santana could be like? Or Brittany and Finn?

Ryan: I don't think I'd want to sit in a room where Finn and Brittany are having a conversation.

Andrew: They'd have some cute and dumb children.

Ryan: Haha. Still, I was much more into the Santana/Brittany storyline than I was with Kurt/Blaine at times. So there's that. So it's weird that I predict Chris/Darren to be nominated and not those two. It's just... how it is I guess.
Andrew: Rivera and Morris have brilliant chemistry, but I hated that “Sexy” episode. I mean, Santana always seemed to voluminously interested in both guys and girls (remember how possessive of Puck she was?) so that "I'm in love with Brit thing just seemed odd.

Ryan: It's definitely a sharp turn for the character, but since then I think they've committed. Hopefully no more sharp turns. HAHA, with this show though? HA.

Andrew: Slippery slope.

Ryan: Let's talk about another show! You pick!

Andrew: Well, do we even need to TALK about Modern Family? Sure I'm all for Bowen>Vergara, but they're both in.

Ryan: I'm actually the opposite (but barely since I love them both).

Andrew: I haven't met anyone who loved, not surprised.

Ryan: Well any actresses you WISH could get in? How about those Community ladies?

Andrew: I like Alison Brie, but there are so many ladies I love more - the duos from Cougar Town and Parks and Recreation and United States of Tara and the trio from Nurse Jackie would all be worthy nominees.

Ryan: Busy Phillips and Christa Miller. Ugh. I'd die if happiness if they'd get nominated.

Andrew: I'm not even going to try to hope. Lost causes.

Ryan: If they are so in love with Jim Parson's Sheldon Cooper in Big Bang Theory then they might love Mayim Bialik who essentially played a female version of the character. And she's funnier at times. Plus she's Blossom! But won't happen.

Andrew: What WILL happen. Predict, sonny. (Yup, I just called you sonny.)

Ryan: Wait! I wasn't done spewing random things.

Andrew: Sorry, lad. (I'm feeling so fatherly today.)
Ryan: Like this is Vanessa William's first eligible year for Desperate Housewives. They may not like the show any more but... Vanessa Williams.

Andrew: Vanessa Williams is the season's MVP so I'd have no problem with her getting a nod. She's woefully underused, but there were a few episodes where she and the series' second in command (Cross) were going at it. It was EXCELLENT comedy.

Ryan: And finally... Amy Ryan. If this year the Emmy goes wild for Steve Carrell and The Office... anything can happen. Though she was foolish not to submit herself in Guest Actress.

Andrew: I know. Denis O'Hare, I don't agree with his submission, but I get it. Amy is in, episodes? Phenomenal in all but ... I don't know. And she wasn't nominated on her last tries for the show...

Ryan: I know! It was almost an easy Emmy nomination with the sentiment surrounding the show. Anyways, my predictions.
Julie Bowen Modern Family
Jane Krakowski 30 Rock,
Jane Lynch Glee
Sofia Vergara Modern Family
Betty White Hot in Cleveland
Kristen Wiig Saturday Night Live
We didn't talk about Wiig, but she's this summer's movie sweetheart. That might matter.

Andrew: Seeing Bridesmaids tomorrow...I don't have a problem with her or SNL, but it's unfair to have them be allowed to submit in the acting just doesn't make any sense and robs some other actors a chance for recognition. And isn't it weird how Jane K has turned into a default nominee? Wish she'd have won by now, but the category is so packed so often.

Ryan: And I think she had a very good season. As for SNL, I think only a few years ago they had their own separate category? Maybe? I don't know.

Andrew: Okay: I predict
Julie Bowen Modern Family
Jane Krakowski 30 Rock,
Jane Lynch Glee
Sofia Vergara Modern Family
Betty White Hot in Cleveland
Kristen Wiig Saturday Night Live

Andrew: Oy, we have the same nominees.

Ryan: Wow. So unexpected.

Andrew: This is lame.

Ryan: Ha. That's the thing about this category, I could probably come up with a list of 6 other names that'd be just as awesome and definitely more exciting.

Andrew: DAMN YOU, Emmy (as Marlene Dietrich in Witness For the Prosecution). I know, there are some great women who won't be recognised. In case you didn't realise, I'm preparing for the drama category with theatrics.

Ryan: I felt it. But speaking of the drama category, I'm thinking they'll be more new blood here. Maybe it's just wishful thinking on my part though.

Andrew: Why do I think I know who you're speaking of...hmm...anyhow...last year's winner Panjabi is obviously back.

Ryan: Yeah, most definitely. She won't win again, but she's definitely back.

Andrew: See how professional I'm being..? "Panjabi"

Ryan: Professionalism is overrated.

Andrew: But, Kalinda is not. I actually think she's a serious threat for a second win.

Ryan: Well I wouldn't hate it! I'd love it in fact, but for someone who wasn't a household name (she is now a bit) to repeat? That'd be amazing. Will Christine Baranski join her?

Andrew: It's possible, based on goodwill for the show. And Diane was brilliant in some episodes, everything leading up the Derek Bond firing... She's phenomenal in “VIP Treatment” and “9 Hours”, both of which are submitted for writing and directing...

Ryan: She's like the Jane Lynch of this category except she didn't win last year. She had meatier stuff last year.

Andrew: I know, I'm still surprised she didn't win last year. Panjabi is better this year than last, and Baranski was better last season than this. But, she has an Emmy and she's so good-natured I'm sure she hardly grudges Archie the win.

Ryan: Oh God, yeah. That cast is sunshine and rainbows off-camera. I refuse to believe in anything different.

Andrew: So do, I. The chemistry shows. Since, we're talking about a show with chemistry... isn't it a bummer than Grey’s Anatomy is being ignored since Sandra Oh should be at least considered for her work this past season?

Ryan: Yeah, she was great. And who knows they might. And I know they don't look at episodes yet this time around, but Sara Ramirez has a great one in the musical episode. It wasn't a perfect episode, but she was fantastic in it.

Andrew: And Ramirez has been on fire this season.

Ryan: Oh thank God you agree too. There are way too many Callie-haters out there.

Andrew: Chandra Wilson has been a bit ignored, and Callie has turned into a character that's essential. For me, the episode after the musical was her high-point.

Ryan: Dealing with it all, yeah. Perfect segue to another Shonda Rimes show... Now I don't watch Private Practice anymore but I saw a few episodes dealing with the rape/abuse of one of the women played by Kadee Strickland. Just wonderfully acted by her.

Andrew: I used to watch for Audra, but Kadee stepped up this season...but I wonder if the show is on their radar because s1/s2 had some great work by Audra and Kate Walsh and that was when everyone loved, I don't know?

Ryan: Yeah, it's definitely not on their radar, but I at least wanted give her props in our chat. She deserves at least that.

Andrew: She does, she's a fine actress. And she has one of the nicest Southern accents I've ever heard,

Ryan: Now neither of us watch Justified, but apparently Margo Martindale is the critics' pick. The love is deafening. And I love her, so I'm good. She was great in Dexter.

Andrew: The love is loud, but I'm always iffy about that critical love thing.

Ryan: Well the show seems to be doing hardcore campaigning, so who knows?

Andrew: Indeed, and remember how everyone was shocked that Panjabi was even nominated maybe Martindale can make it.

Ryan: If she does, I think she might win it. Like Panjabi incidentally! But that's thinking way too much ahead.

Andrew: It's a possibility. Then there's Hendricks, who just won the critics’ choice.

Ryan: She tied with Margo Martindale.

Andrew: I still don't LOVE Mad Men but Christina was easily the season's MVP for me.

Ryan: I'd probably agree with you if it was LAST season, but I think Moss really stepped up this season. With that said, Hendricks would be my 2nd MVP. And it helps her Jones and Moss are duking it out in the Lead Actress category.

Andrew: True. Two news shows could make a supreme killing.

Ryan: Reading my mind again, but go ahead.

Andrew: Forbes for The Killing and Kelly MacDonald for Boardwalk Empire. Either would be worthy of nominations or a win.

Ryan: I wish I had seen more of their performances! I mean Forbes killed me during those first three episodes of The Killing I saw. And she's always great to me. And I'm expecting a billion nominations for Boardwalk Empire with one of them going to Kelly MacDonald...

Andrew: MacDonald is the opposite, starts off a bit underwhelming but by halfway through she does some excellent emoting. And a billion nominations...That would be interesting...
Ryan: That reminds me of another actress that may have a chance depending on how the Emmys like the show... Emilia Clarke in Game of Thrones. Not sure I'd call her the MVP of that show, but she's up there, especially towards the second half of the season. And the last scene of the season, a scene critics, fan, and everyone really, just absolutely LOVED. And it's ALL Emilia Clarke.

Andrew: Hmm. Ready for me to predict?

Ryan: Go ahead!

Andrew: Here goes:
Archie Panjabi The Good Wife
Kelly MacDonald Boardwalk Empire
Michelle Forbes The Killing
Christina Hendricks Mad Men
See how much I'm mulling over?
I say Martingale gets snubbed and
Sandra Oh Grey’s Anatomy and Christine Baranski The Good Wife make it in.

Ryan: Great. Of course I also say that top 4:
Archie Panjabi The Good Wife
Kelly MacDonald Boardwalk Empire
Michelle Forbes The Killing
Christina Hendricks Mad Men
But I'm going to risk it on a few new blood on shows that the Emmys may or may not love:
Margo Martindale Justified
Emilia Clarke Game of Thrones
 I'm sure you didn't see that coming.

Andrew: Anything could happen. I think this is continuously one of the toughest categories to predict.

Ryan: Well last year... Sharon Gless for Burn Notice. Where did that come from?

Andrew: They love Sharon Gless. You know that.

Ryan: I know. I know. But Burn Notice! How random!

Andrew: Especially since Anwar is/was much more deserving

Ryan: I don't watch the show, but sure. Oh and I wanted to end our convo by bringing up Amy Ryan again. She submitted herself here too for her work in In Treatment.

Andrew: Yeah, along with Debra Winger.

Ryan: I think 2-3 years ago, they'd be in.

Andrew: I think either could be a surprise, Winger more likely.

Ryan: And though she is NOT going to be nominated, how amazing would it be if they actually honoured Kristin Bauer van Straten? Oh man.

Andrew: Ha. I love KBvS, but she's never in enough episodes.

Ryan: Or in enough scenes. They seem to be doing a bit better this season SO FAR. Keep it up, True Blood.

Andrew: About to watch the episode.

Ryan: I thought you watched it last night! Or was that Weeds?

Andrew: What did I watch last night...oh, The Big C.

Ryan: That's it?

Andrew: Well, I also watched some old episodes of Damages....but nothing new.

Ryan: Gotcha. I finished watching S1 of Luther. So good.

Andrew: GAH,I didn't talk about Chloe Sevigny. If anyone is looking at the show Sevigny should be considered...

Ryan: Totally. No argument here.

Andrew: And it's the last season, with surprises rampant it could happen.

Ryan: But as you said before, Emmy hasn't noticed her before.

Andrew: Indeed. Quelle dommage.
Are you as in love with the small screen's supporting women as we are? Who'd you nominate?

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Jose said...

At this point in time, Betty White can star in "2 girls, 1 cup: the movie" and she'd still win a shitload of awards. It's ridiculous, like people are afraid of NOT nominating her and NOT giving her the awards. If Hitchcock, Welles and Altman died without Oscars and DGAs, White will be alright without one less Emmy. Ha-ha old lady talking about sex...get over it and see the work of Sofia Vergara, the amazing Jane Krakowski and even Gabourey Sidibe who was astonishing in The Big C.

Ugh, Emmys always piss me off. Won't even go into drama but if they leave out Forbes or Hendricks I will cut a bitch. Ryan, getting Emilia Clarke in would be mindblowing. Make it happen and I will be your slave.