Sunday, 3 July 2011

Emmy Chatter: Supporting Actors

In theory, I think the supporting actor category at the Emmy's should be an eclectic bunch, but you never know when Emmy is concerned. They often have a penchant to go for the infinitely safe and forget some good stuff. Ryan and I are back to discuss the potential nominees.
Ryan: Okay, segue to supporting characters...

Andrew: Well, we were talking last time about random selections so let's pick up there. Before we do... I heard Harry Shum Jr. (of Glee) didn't submit because his agent thought it would be silly to do so. Apparently, you have to pay to submit yourself.
Ryan: Wow, really?

Andrew: This, of course, begs the questions… Do some of these actors submitting honestly expect that they have any chance?

Ryan: It really is quite mind-boggling. Sorry Chace Crawford, but as handsome as you are, the Emmys will not be voting for ANYONE on Gossip Girl.

Andrew: I understand someone from Gossip Girl submitting, but all Chace does is stand and look vacant.
Ryan: Well I didn't see any of his other male co-stars submit themselves, which is even funnier really.
Andrew: True, he's awful. So, comedy or drama first?

Ryan: I think we should stick with comedy first. We've done in that way for the others.
Andrew: Okay, well. I love the pickings, and it's a generally strong field. But, I'm sort of sad that none of the Cougar Town men (other than Grayson) submitted themselves... they probably had little chance, but they're hilarious (read: Dan Byrd)
Ryan: Very strong field, but yeah I wouldn't have minded if they all submitted themselves. At least it would've made sense to us!
Andrew: locks? I say resolutely that as far as LOCKED goes, it's NPH and Burrell
Ryan: I agree. Though as much as I love love love NPH, if there was someone in his show that deserves the nomination, it would be Jason Segel. Though NPH did well in his scenes with John Lithgow and with his much-loved Tony hosting duties still fresh on people's minds, yeah, he's locked.

Andrew: Really, NPH is the only reason I keep watching How I Met Your Mother.

Ryan: To a small extent, me too, but Segel did great work this season. But speaking of Burrell, what is the status of the rest of the men of Modern Family? I'm thinking they feel horrible for snubbing Ed O'Neill and will nominate him this year.
Can all the Modern Family gents make it in?

Andrew: Well, even though I think Stonestreet was a bit disappointing this season he's's the question of whether or not Jesse Tyler Ferguson or Ed O’Neill will make it. Personally (and I know they don't care) if they HAVE to nominate a second Modern Family guy alongside Burrell I think it should be Jesse...

Ryan: Personally, I'd actually pick Nolan Gould. Luke is so damn hilarious.

Andrew: Ha, he is...but we know Emmy hates children (unless they're Frankie Muniz, who DID deserve his nomination)

Ryan: Oh yeah, I have no illusions they'd ever nominate him or the other very talented and deserving children of that show, but they should. But speaking of locks, what of Golden Globe winner Chris Colfer?

Andrew: Ha, let's just cross that bridge now. I'm not a fan of Colfer as an actor, generally or this season in particular. I was rewatching some season one episodes and he was much more uninhibited back then, now it just seems a bit pretentious. (I love him when he's in the lighter registers a la "Duets" or the You smell homeless, Brett bit from "The Substitute" but overall, meh). But, yeah, he's probably in.

Ryan: Well the show is slowly turning into The Kurt Show as unfair as that may sound. For me, I actually have appreciated the character more, because I've paid more attention to the actor as his meteoric star has been on the rise. The kid is charming left and right, so as much a problem as Kurt the character; everyone is loving Chris the actor.

Andrew: Colfer is the type of actor who I think works best when he's a supplementing. He seems nice enough but damn it - that doesn't make him Emmy worthy!
 Ryan: Emmy worthy. Does that mean anything anymore? But that's a whole other conversation. What's also working on his favour is that his character is embroiled in a very topical storyline. Which is also why Max Adler probably submitted himself as well.

Andrew: Gah, we're back at ridiculous submissions. Max Adler, please make a case for what makes you worthy of me even considering you for a nomination?

Ryan: His case would be, like Colfer, he deftly handled a sensitive and topical storyline. You could argue how effective and truthful it is, but that is his argument. And sadly, you're not a voter.

Andrew: What really annoys, is that if an actor is on a streak and one year they miss it the Emmy's completely forget them. Jeremy Piven should at least be in discussions for a nod, but it's as if they've forgotten the show.

Ryan: Didn't he miss it because of the controversy over his Broadway stint?

Andrew: That was what, two years ago?

Ryan: Will this be similar to maybe what happens with Jon Cryer this year? Yes, he's not Charlie Sheen, but the show and Sheen did NOT submit themselves. That's got to affect his chances.

Andrew: Hopefully Cryer's out. When he won that Emmy......weirdness.

Ryan: That was NPH's Emmy. I'm still mad.

Andrew: I understand. So, we've touched on the Modern Family men...briefly touched on do know which giant supporting male ensemble we're missing, right?

Ryan: There's actually two shows I still want to talk about. Though only one with any real hopes of nominations. The one that doesn't is Community.

Andrew: Ah, yes...that.

Ryan: In a perfect world, Danny Pudi and Don Glover would be nominated. Together.

Andrew: I'm not big on Pudi, but Glover at least deserves consideration.

Ryan: Together, they are golden though. But how about that other show?

Andrew: Well, Offerman is at least close to a nomination. But, I'm floored that Adam Scott isn't coming up in more conversations.

Ryan: He definitely has the best chance out of all the guys. I wished Adam Scott would make it in, but playing the straight man doesn't really get the awards. Hopefully the growing love for Parks and Recreation will bring him into the fold. He more than deserves it.

Andrew: So, drumroll please...make your predictions.
Ryan: My predictions:
Ty Burrell Modern Family
Chris Colfer Glee
Neil Patrick Harris How I Met Your Mother
Ed O'Neill Modern Family
Nick Offerman Parks and Recreation
Eric Stonestreet Modern Family
Andrew: Okay, here goes:
Ty Burrell Modern Family
Chris Colfer Glee
Neil Patrick Harris How I Met Your Mother
Nick Offerman Parks and Recreation
Oliver Platt The Big C
Eric Stonestreet Modern Family
Yup, O'Neill snubbed. I'm a mad man.

Ryan: Oliver Platt is an actor's actor. So not too crazy.

Andrew: He's like nicer version of Paul Giamati to me.

Ryan: Ha! That should be on his business card. Should be interesting, though relatedly... John Corbett? Keir Gilchrist? Anyone from Weeds?

Andrew: Ugh, first off Corbett should have submitted in the lead category and holy shit can't they give United States of Tara some goddamn love.

Ryan: If there's a gay kid spot on that list, it needs to go to Keir Gilchrist. Sorry, Chris.

Andrew: I know, I'm not even a big fan of Marshall as character but Gilchrist is a fine actor and as far as grieving gays go (oooh, I am one mean person) Gilchrist > Colfer

Ryan: Let it all out. Though I fear, the drama discussion is going to be less fun.

Andrew: No freakin' way. No discussion headlined by Alan Cumming is allowed to be anything less than smashing.

Ryan: Pretty genius of him to submit himself in Guest Actor last yr, get nominated, and now he has a step up over the rest of the field really.

Andrew: I know, he is so so so so so so so so so so so (X100) awesome!

Ryan: I mean I'm not calling him a lock or anything, because who knows, but I'd love for him to get nominated. He stole every scene he was in.

Andrew: What about Noth or Charles (or even Czuchry). I think they have chances, in that order.

Ryan: Charles and Czuchry won't be nominated, but I can see Noth get in as well. They like him.

Andrew: They didn’t give him a nod for Sex and the City, though, even though he'd gotten a Globe nod.

Ryan: Maybe I was thinking of the Globes then, which is a different beast. Still he has name recognition that Charles has a bit, but definitely not Czuchry.

Andrew: (I know, not Czuchry but allow me to dream about him and Panjabi getting it on at the Emmys)

Ryan: What do you think they did after she won last year? Also I practically screamed when she won last year. I was delirious. Similar to when Chenoweth won.

Andrew: "What do you think they did after she won last year?" (Evil grin.) Don't make me answer that. But, really, Archie’s SO nice in person, it's impossible not to love her. She even has the power to derail a conversation on SUPPORTING ACTORS. Kalinda Sharma is all powerful.

Ryan: Yes, yes she is. So let's talk about Boardwalk Empire. Or actually you talk about it since I don't watch it. There's buzz for... Michael Pitt?

Andrew: Ugh, Pitt is so not a supporting actor. But, I don't blame him for submitting there, he's not a name actor. Think of the duo of Daniel Day Lewis and DiCaprio in Gangs of New York. But, Buscemi is not as good as DDL in that, and Pitt is better than DiCaprio’s Amsterdam (although he does have the same mannerisms). Two leads, right?

Ryan: Oh definitely. But I guess that's why he's getting buzz then.

Andrew: He's in, but I'm thinking that Michael Shannon who is FREAKY crazy on it is more than a potential nod, too. Can I give you a spoiler?

Ryan: Yeah, go ahead. I have a horrible memory.

Andrew: There's an episode where he baptises a man to death. I'm not kidding. CRAZY!

Ryan: Wow. That's an image.

Andrew: Okay, let's just talk about the white elephant...John Slattery.

Ryan: The white-haired elephant. Sure, he's probably in even though did he do anything of note last season?

Andrew: I know. I mean, from season 1 to 3 Roger was my favourite character I was touting him all year round but he doesn't deserve to be there this season. Kartheiser would be so much more deserving (he was great this past season).

Ryan: I would agree with that, but I'd be shocked if he makes it in.

Andrew: You watch Justified and Game of ThroneS. Any word on potential nods?

Ryan: Peter Dinklage is amaze-balls. If they watch Game of Thrones, he would be a lock. And he definitely has buzz from critics. (Whatever that means.)

Andrew: Ha. Whatever that means indeed.

Ryan: The only reason why he wouldn't be nominated would be vote splitting, but I think most Game of Thrones fans know he's the MVP of the cast. At least when it comes to the guys.

Andrew: I'm not being facetious – I know they won't be nominated but in a perfect world someone from True Blood (read: Kwanten, Trammell) would be in.

Ryan: Denis O'Hare would have my vote for sure! It's a pity he didn't submit himself as Guest Actor.

Andrew: I know he's being "honest" but I hate he didn't submit there, too.

Ryan: Then there's John Noble in Fringe. The media/critics/whoever is pushing for him (and the show) hard. I'm hoping it happens. I mean Lost got traction here, too.

Andrew: They're pushing Sexton from The Killing, but with less alacrity. Probably won't happen, though.

Ryan: It's funny you mention Sexton since I wanted to ask you what his chances are. I saw the first 3 episodes and I thought he deserves it, but I don’t know what has transpired since.

Andrew: He deserves to be considered at the least but not as much as Kinnaman and Campbell. Still, Emmy's probably won't remember any of them.

Ryan: Interesting. Okay, you show your hands first.

Andrew: I predict:
Alan Cumming The Good Wife
Chris Noth The Good Wife
Michael Pitt Boardwalk Empire
Michael Shannon Boardwalk Empire
John Slattery Mad Men
Hmm, no idea for a sixth.
I say Braugher (Men of a Certain Age. Just to be racially conscious, they love him and he was nominated last year.

Ryan: My crazy, crazy predictions:
Alan Cumming The Good Wife
Peter Dinklage Game of Thrones
John Noble Fringe
Michael Pitt Boardwalk Empire
Brent Sexton The Killing
John Slattery Mad Men
Though I'm guessing 1, maybe 2, of these will actually make it in. Oh well. I'm giving the Emmys way too much credit it seems.

Andrew: You never know, right?

Ryan: Exactly.
How crazy are Ryan's predictions? Will Boardwalk Empire thrive? Are we bad for hating on Colfer? Any love for Gilchrist? What are you predictions?


Ryan T. said...

Did you edit some of our side conversations? I could've sworn I commented on how hot Aaron Paul is around the time we were talking about Michael Pitt. You said that being incredibly hot or older/dignified is the way to go and Pitt doesn't fit either.

Anyway, yeah I have no faith whatsoever in my predictions! Can't wait to see how wrong I am!

Jose said...

My dream ballot

Eric Stonestreet - Modern Family
Ty Burrell - Modern Family
Nolan Gould - Modern Family
Nick Offerman - P&R
Chris Pratt - P&R
John Benjamin Hickey - The Big C

John Slattery - Mad Men
Peter Dinklage - Game of Thrones
Alexander Skarsgard - True Blood
Joel Kinnaman - The Killing
Denis O'Hare - True Blood

Yes, they should only nod people froms shows I love.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

ryan i was so sure i'd published it, and i have no idea where i saved the transcript...and i did all that venting on slattery. *sobs*...who jose wants to nominate - shame.

jose apparently i need to see game of thrones to understand the love for dinklage. but when, oh when? sigh.