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Emmy Chatter: Series

Ryan’s and I conversations about Emmy have come to an end and in preparation for the imminent reading of the nomination-list tomorrow we speculate on the potential nominees.
Ryan: Okay ready!

Andrew: Invert that to ready-okay, and we have the beginning of a Bring it On cheer.

Ryan: Awesome, oh wow, like totally freak me out, I mean, right on. The Toros sure are #1!

Andrew: So are the potential comedy nods totally awesome?

Ryan: I don't know about awesome, but I don't think they'll be any big shockers a la a Community or a Cougar Town nomination. And actually to make it ridiculously easy for myself I just looked at my other nominations throughout the past few chats we've had and tallied it up.

Andrew: I don't know, but I could see some big shocks happening. Well, not big but you know.

Ryan: And the top 6 are my show nominations... and it sort of worked out.

Andrew: Emmy isn't Oscar. They don't always nominate those with the most nomination. Didn't True Blood get like 1 other nomination other than Best Drama last year? (Although I fear I'm getting ahead of myself.)

Ryan: Oh, yes on True Blood, so my system isn't perfect, but at least it lines up with my predictions at least giving them some sort of logic (which again is not the Emmy way really). But in any case, we have some locks surely.

Andrew: Four locks, I would presume...although I'm still thinking that there could be a massive shock and Glee gets snubbed.
Ryan: See that WOULD be a massive shock if that were to happen. It'd go along with my random Matt Morrison snub, but I still predicted it to be nominated everywhere else.

Andrew: Of course, as much as Glee is not my in MY top 6 I love it like I love a wayward child - so I don't want that to happen.

Ryan: And even though they are fickle, they are not THAT fickle. They can't ignore how big the show still is in terms of public awareness/buzz.

Andrew: And, as you said - like heroin when it's good it gets you high.

Ryan: Right, so the other locks though seem to be fairly safe especially since they've all won before.

Andrew: Well, The Office has never won but I say that it's a lock.

Ryan: It won in 2006.

Andrew: I honestly forgot that. I kept thinking that the show and Carrell had never won.

Ryan: I didn't know it either until I checked Wikipedia right before our chat! But yeah, since its win it's never NOT been nominated and with it being its the last season... it won't suddenly find itself not in the running.

Andrew: Did you just say this is the last season of The Office?

Ryan: Whoa. Yeah. How... random.

Andrew: Random, and dangerous...if that show gets cancelled this is on you!

Ryan: Ha! But yeah, random Freudian slip maybe. But really with Carrell gone, it really does feel like it though.

Andrew: So, the new shows fighting for a potential nod: ShowTime darling (and its biggest premiere) The Big C; SAG nominated cast Betty White’s Hot in Cleveland and Raising Hope

Ryan: The first two seem to be duking it out. Their main lead is almost guaranteed a nomination so they have that going for them.

Andrew: True. I say The Big C gets the edge because it's most likely going to pick up a writing or directing nod.

Ryan: Yeah and it's not like it'll be a big breakthrough for it to be nominated. Weeds in 2009 and Nurse Jackie in 2010 paved its way. What's weird is why United States of Tara has never been nominated.

Andrew: Diablo Cody hatred, perhaps?

Ryan: Well she's divisive, but who knows?

Andrew: Indeed.

Ryan: Any show, other than Community and Cougar Town, you wish could be honoured? For me, those are the two really. I mean I love How I Met Your Mother and all, but I'm okay with it not being nominated. Wait, there's one show I WOULD LOVE to get nominated, and it's not even a sure thing so I don't know why I didn't mention it. I think it's because I'm hoping it's a lock for a nomination...

Andrew: Are you talking about a particular government office?

Ryan: With a particularly charming blonde lead? YES.

Andrew: If any show gets a breakthrough nod, it could be that...which I could see taking the spot that went to Nurse Jackie last year...

Ryan: It's just really sad that possibly the best sitcom on TV right now needs to "breakthrough" to get a nomination.

Andrew: Yes, it is. It really should be shoo-in...but Emmy voters scare me (re: Two and A Half Men...but that's out right?)

Ryan: Thank goodness. They had the decency to not submit themselves this year.

Andrew: THANK GOODNESS, indeed. So, predictions?

Ryan: My predictions:
30 Rock
The Big C
Modern Family
The Office
Parks and Recreation

Andrew: My predictions:
30 Rock
The Big C
Modern Family
The Office
Parks and Recreation

Andrew: Yup, yet again we have the same group...but it's pretty solid. 30 Rock is the least deserving for me ...but they had some brilliant episodes this past season.

Ryan: It is a solid list and I think it's more because I can't see any other shows nominated?

Andrew: Which probably means we're wrong.

Ryan: I mean sure Hot in Cleveland, Raising Hope, Nurse Jackie, and even How I Met Your Mother, but probably not. And yeah, we're SO wrong.

Andrew: Things get a whole lot more interesting in drama.

Ryan: Maybe. We'll see. I have about 4 locks, 1 most likely, and a wildcard.

Andrew: I really can't see Mad Men winning again.

Ryan: Who knows? But yeah it really all depends on how much they love Boardwalk Empire aka the shiny new HBO epic kid on the block.

Andrew: (Which just happens to be made of brilliance.)

Ryan: It's not TV, after all, it's HBO.

Andrew: So, Boardwalk Empire and Mad Men are going to head-to-head...those two male centred dramas...does that mean Alicia Florrick of The Good Wife can sidle in and shock us all?

Ryan: With a win, highly unlikely, but a nomination is pretty lock. It's the one show from broadcast network that has any chance at all really. The closest would be Friday Night Lights, for its final season. And even then a) not big enough or seen enough andit's technically a Direct TV show vs. an NBC show.

Andrew: And I think the category is WAY too stacked for FNL.

Ryan: Most definitely.

Andrew: Dexter I want to say is a lock, but I'm worried that people are tiring of it - sadly.

Ryan: I think it's still a lock though. They, probably, still feel really bad about not honouring Michael C. Hall last year and this season was great at least when it came to Johnny Lee Miller and Julia Stiles.

Andrew: If they felt bad they'd have f%%%ing gave him the statue!!!! (That was for dramatic effect, of course)

Ryan: Of course. In terms of new shows that could breakthrough we have Game of Thrones, The Killing, The Walking Dead, and Shameless. Am I missing anything? Any of them have a chance?

Andrew: And if they go absolutely crazy, which they won't The Borgias. In Treatment was cancelled and in a way, I could see it getting some love at least more than FNL.

Ryan: I haven't seen it, but I felt it was a tough sell of a show. Yes, it's got some love from the acting branch, but the show sort of lends itself to that kind of nomination. But for the whole show? Not sure.

Andrew: It's never been nominated, which I find odd but it seems made for Emmy love.

Ryan: Yeah, if it was going to be nominated, it'd be for its first season or whenever Gabriel Byrne was nominated. Then again one could say the same thing for Friday Night Lights. I'd like to think though that last year's duo-acting nomination could be a sign of (too late?) momentum. But really, probably not.

Andrew: It's on the cusp; if there were - say - eight nods maybe...

Ryan: Weird, it’s my eight pick as well.

Andrew: That IS weirdness. Shall I predict?

Ryan: Go right ahead.

Andrew: I predict:
Boardwalk Empire
Game of Thrones (as last year's True Blood)
The Good Wife
The Killing
Mad Men,
True Blood (as last year's Lost)

Ryan: Hmm. True Blood as last year's Lost? I don't get that analogy. Lost had multiple nominations and they were honouring it for the whole series.

Andrew: Well, year, but they always like an oddball fantasy nod...this year is lacking that.

Ryan: Well that's why they have Game of Thrones. Speaking of... My predictions:
Boardwalk Empire
Game of Thrones
The Good Wife
Mad Men,

Andrew: We both go in for some new blood. We shall see what ensues.

Ryan: Thrones is my most likely, Shameless is my wildcard, and the rest are my locks. Though if there was anything like last year's True Blood, I'd have think it'd be for The Walking Dead.
The Emmys do love them their AMC the past few years.

Andrew: Which I considered, but I opted for the actual True Blood. Now, I'm nervous wondering how right we were.

Ryan: Just for completes sake... Justified has a chance because they're pushing the show hardcore and critics love it... and then there's my off-the-wall Hail Mary pass for Fringe.

Andrew: I should probably put out a final mention for Big Love...just because. But it shall not happen.

Ryan: It's all about putting it out there. You never know. In fact, hey Emmy how about the retroactive love for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you damn bastards.

Andrew: Ha. We'll see...we'll see...Nothing to do now, but wait.

The Emmy nominees are being announced tomorrow morning by Melissa McCarthy and Joshua Jackson (heavy on the alliterative names, apparently).

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We’ll be back to give our thoughts on the nominees and make predictions when they’re out, but for now – who are you hoping gets nominated?

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