Sunday, 24 July 2011

Emmy Chatter: The Postmortem

Now that the dust has settled, sort of, on the Emmy nominations Ryan and I sit down to discuss the oddest (and greatest) things about the nominees. I'm feeling particularly annoyed with the nominees, even if they aren't as bad as I initially thought.

Andrew: So, it's been what, a week, since the Emmy nominees came out. Any things pops out at you now that it's all sunk in?

Ryan: The fact that even with some insane and unthinkable snubs, it's a solid year of nominees.

Andrew: And yeah, I agree that despite my initial resentments the list is pretty solid but some of those snubs still have me searing. And that's because as good as some of the nominees are, they're really quite safe.

Ryan: So safe. Even the shockers weren't shocking really and in fact are quite boring.

Andrew: That's it, you know? I mean, sure it's surprising that Modern Family gets all four men in...but it's not THAT big of a shock, you know? It's surprising, but it's surprising because it's so unoriginal.

Ryan: It's only shocking because Neil Patrick Harris got snubbed in the category. All four of those men would've made it in anyways and Chris Colfer, but damnit Jon Cryer? Really? And I'm not even mentioning Nick Offerman. I really thought it was his year especially with the show finally getting a Comedy Series nod (yay!).

Andrew: Both of the supporting actor categories give me a headache. And I think they're the key to seeing who wins the series category. Obviously, love for Modern Family is voluminous (don't even get me started on the threeunnecessary nods for directing). And the fact that Boardwalk Empire couldn't secure one nod for Supporting Actor probably means Mad Men gets it again.

Ryan: Possibly, but look how loved The Good Wife is! Most of its adult cast was nominated and then some.

Andrew: I know, but seriously Josh Charles? Ugh.

Ryan: It's not exactly a Matthew Morrison nomination, but I agree a bit. Then again he has been around for awhile. He's likable enough in a show they obviously love.

Andrew: I can't stand him or the character. You loathe Will Schuester (abhorrent of you, I might add) I loathe Will Gardner.

Ryan: Well there you go. But speaking of Shuester, they saw the light didn't they? And no Lea Michele? But they dominated Guest Actress like whoa. Dot Marie Jones is my single favorite Emmy nomination this year.

Andrew: Do people really loathe Lea Michele? I get them being happy she's not nominated because Rachel is semi lead, semi supporting. But do they actual think she's a terrible actor?

Ryan: I have no idea what industry people feel about her. All I know is... people love Jane Lynch and Chris Colfer. I actually feel sorry for her a bit because people probably dump a lot of unnecessary hate on her. That category, Best Actress in Comedy, provided a lot of the surprises for me. No Lea or Toni? Martha Plimpton gets in. Melissa McCarthy?! Love her, but that really was a bit of shock to me.

Andrew: I have nothing to say about least no real information. It's random, McCarthy did supreme work on Gilmore Girls and Samantha Who but Mike and Molly really does look ghastly.

Ryan: It really does. Tried to sit through one episode after her nomination, and no, couldn't finish it.

Andrew: The snubs in Lead Actress were CRAZY, though. No Toni AND no Kyra. I was so surprised after not hearing Kyra I think I missed all the other nominees.

Ryan: Now THAT one really was random. I just don't get it. Maybe the pro-Marguilies camp got her kicked out for stealing her award last year. I'm half joking.

Andrew: And the fact that they actually nominated Mariska Hargitay is just...well, it's just weird. I mean I still am in shock over that.

Ryan: Yeah, she must know secrets of certain people.

Andrew: The Toni snub hurt because she's brilliant and it's the final season...but the show is cancelled and doesn't have many viewers......and people are weird about the comedic/drama thing. Because notice they go for traditional comedy in the form of Plimpton and McCarthy...which I think is pure tosh.

Ryan: Well I'm one of those people weird about the comedic/drama thing, but Toni would damn still appear in my ballot.

Andrew: But I just can't explain Kyra's snub.

Ryan: My love for them as actresses is overcoming any negative feelings I have. And actually Plimpton deserves this spot. She's HILARIOUS.

Andrew: Well, sight unseen I can't say.

Ryan: Speaking of sight unseen, my big gamble on predicting Shameless in the big categories didn't exactly pan out. But Justified... yeah.

Andrew: Glad Olyphant's nominated, but since I'm almost sure Michael C. Hall (or him) have zero chance of winning I've tuned out. Michael C. will never win an Emmy.

Ryan: Last year was his best shot. Even if Buscemi didn't have this award lock and loaded, the love for Mad Men would probably give Hamm a step up. Also Hugh Laurie made it in. We both suck.

Andrew: No, we both rock...we held strong and hoped for a better tomorrow (or today?) It's not our faults Emmy voters are AWFUL and ignored Bill Paxton!!!!

Ryan: My nominee was William H. Macy, but I wouldn't have wanted him to be nominated if Emmy Rossum couldn't have. I actually thought Sean Bean would've been.

Andrew: I do need to watch Game of Thrones. I love Bean in The Lord of the Rings.

Ryan: You should. But next season isn't until Spring 2012 so you have plenty of time to catch 10 episodes. I'm a bit miffed that Emilia Clarke didn't breakthrough. But she's a new face, young. Maybe next year.

Andrew: And they stuck to the same old group for Supporting Actress No Sevigny, no Big Love send-off. Ugh.

Ryan: Yeah, they completely missed the boat on that show. But their lame predictability meant we both went 11 of 12 in the supporting actress categories.

Andrew: I know, yay for being correct...I guess?

Ryan: Well we couldn't say we were shocked at least.

Andrew: True. Any significant mentions or snubs you want to wrap up with? That trio of nods for Modern Family’s directing is really getting to me.

Ryan: Yay for Friday Night Lights. Two leads and the show gets a farewell Drama Series nod. How sweet, and speaking of Directing, it's really funny that in a year where they ignored Neil Patrick Harris, How I Met Your Mother still got its highest one-year nomination tally (5 nominations) including a Directing nod!
Andrew: I want to be happy for it, but I really don't care for Friday Night Lights. I want to, so bad, but nothing. The NPH snub saddened, I was hoping that maybe he could be the winner of split votes and finally win that freakin' Emmy! Instead, I suppose Colfer will get it...and I really don't want that to happen.

Ryan: Better than Cryer to me.

Andrew: Yes, but what ISN'T better than Cryer.

Ryan: Johnny Lee Miller getting snubbed. Ugh.

Andrew: More weirdness and not even a directing nod for the show...randomness. No love for The Big C other than Linney and that surprise nod for Elba

Ryan: I'm happy for him now that I've seen the first season of Luther, which he also got nominated for!

Andrew: Yeah, when they love you they love you. I'm looking forward to when the actors submit their episodes; races have been lost because of poor submissions. I think Julianna Margulies lost last year not only because Kyra was wickedly overdue, but because her submission was awful.

Ryan: I will have to keep a lookout then.

Andrew: So, to end the conversation. Your favourite acting nominee, your least favourite acting nominee and why.

Ryan: My favorite acting nominee, as I said before, is Dot Marie Jones. Her character could've been really mishandled, but she infused so much heart in so little scenes that she really made it her own. Plus she's not as flashy (or traditionally pretty) so her nomination is just surprising all around.

Andrew: I do like her...and I'm glad Glee gets to rule something.

Ryan: My least favorite nominee... ugh, I have to pick one?

Andrew: I'll give you time...My favourite acting nominee...
Poehler. Sure, she's been nominated before but Leslie is made of win so her second consecutive nod makes up for any badness. My worse, Hargitay. She's evil, with a capital E.

Ryan: I didn't know evilness was a legitimate reason, but yay!

Andrew: It is.

Ryan: Okay, my least favorite is Johnny Galecki. Not only did he take the spot from most likely Joel McHale, but I just plain don't think he deserved it THIS year. In fact The Big Bang Theory love was a bit annoying because it was most obviously the show's weakest year and the only thing that saved it were the ladies and they didn't get any nods. It all just rubbed me the wrong way. Really, Parsons and the lady make that show.

Andrew: That's another show I can't bear to watch. It just annoys me. But here's to hoping that come Emmy night the winners make up for it...crossing my fingers for wins for Stiles, Carrell, Panjabi and the likes. Let's see what happens

Ryan: I'm hoping for the best in all categories. Which means I'll be sorely disappointed.
What were your favourite inclusions? Which snubs hurt you most?


Jose said...

"The Kennedys" getting in over "Carlos" will haunt these dumbasses FOREVER. Although what can one expect from the TV Academy or any Academy at this point? They exemplify middlebrow tastes like no other entities.

PS: Yay Amy Poehler!

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

joseOH GOD, yes. and the thing is, they nominated assayas for his directing and ramirez, so it's not like they forgot it. the TV academy is no less weird than the film one.

W.R. said...

Got to say that the biggest snub for me was Courteney Cox. Her work as Jules is funny, soulful and award-worthy. I love that Martha Plimpton and "Parks and Recreation" got theirs.