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Emmy Chatter: Lead Actresses

...there's always a, we're on to the Lead Actress predictions. The field looks good, but it seems a bit simple predicting who Emmy is going to fall for. Ryan and I are back with more predictions....
Andrew: Lead actress is always interesting because, women on TV are usually given opportunity to do much.

Ryan: Except in comedy apparently. Because wow, was that submission list short.

Andrew: That's actually what I was coming to, because my shortlist for comedy (and my own personal ballot) is horrendously short.

Ryan: And that's even including those Showtime shows that aren't really comedies! I mean it was easy enough to narrow down my list, but wow, that's crazy.

Andrew: Even though there are rarely repeat winnners for lead actress in a comedy, the nominees are often fairly predictable.

Ryan: Which again makes it easy to predict, but not as much fun.

Andrew: It's really a case of five actors who're assured nods and one who's probably going to get in, I think.

Ryan: Yeah, I think it's all about who we think that last person will be. Looking forward to seeing your picks, but before we reveal so quickly... Showtime should make a big showing, no? Two of the most recent winners + newcomer and Emmy beloved Laura Linney. They're guaranteed 3 spots right there.
Andrew: Yeah, and I don't mind. For me, United States of Tara is the one that's least funny and it's still funny enough to not be a straight drama (even if I called it a drama in my own personal ballot). So, I'm fine with the showtime ladies getting love.

Ryan: For me, I would be happy nominating them in Drama, so it's not about me not wanting to nominate them. I just feel for non-Showtime ladies that aren't really asked or get the opportunity to do something such as the Bryce storyline in United States of Tara.

Andrew: The reason I'm essentially fine with it is because I see it as as best performance in a comedy, not funniest performance. Some comedies have actors who have the straight roles (people love Colfer, but his humour is not what they love) or some dramas have comic relief (Alan Cumming in The Good Wife). So, overall, I'm fine with it.

Ryan: I've started to come around to it, but it still bugs me. In any case, thoughts on the Showtime odd-woman out (possibly) Mary Louise Parker?

Andrew: I have not watched Weeds in years so I'm neither here nor there on that.

Ryan: Well after getting nominated 3x in a row, they skipped her last year. Death knell. And she didn't really offer up anything new last year, except for perhaps the finale.

Andrew: Shame that Courteney Cox might have zero chance of getting in.

Ryan: You read my mind. I was just going to ask you if there was somebody you wanted to make it in that won't. She's my pick, too.

Andrew: But, I'm really okay with who I THINK will make it. Care to go first with your predictions?

Ryan: Predictions:
Toni Collette United States of Tara
Edie Falco Nurse Jackie
Tina Fey 30 Rock
Laura Linney The Big C
Lea Michele Glee
Amy Poehler Parks and Recreation

Andrew: My predictions:
Toni Collette United States of Tara
Edie Falco Nurse Jackie
Tina Fey 30 Rock
Laura Linney The Big C
Lea Michele Glee
Amy Poehler Parks and Recreation
Yup, we've got the same bunch.

Ryan: I actually picked Martha Plimpton over Lea Michele, but I just changed my mind last minute. Predictable indeed.

Andrew: I actually don't mind Lea getting's predictable, but I think the lineup is golden. I want Lea to be nominated not just because I like her but she manages to overcome some harrowing bits at time.

Ryan: It is, but other than Collette and Poehler, I'm OKAY with a few surprises in the mix.

Andrew: Who knows, maybe Plimpton could make it in - what with The Good Wife / Company goodwill.

Ryan: Though I feel that if she does, Poehler will be punished. Which is just all kinds of wrong.

Andrew: But, Andrew: Really, Poehler getting snubbed...that would be J$O%TJ$Y^O^#$J%OTJ%YOR!!!!!!!

Ryan: I'd throw something at the TV, because the whole medium would become literally useless at that point if that were to happen.

Andrew: That would be horrific. We'd get Robert, Jose, Luke, Nathaniel and a slew of others to protest. I'd fly out illegally if I must.

Ryan: That'd be beautiful. So since we're being all melodramatic now, let's jump to Drama!

Andrew: Do you watch The Closer?

Ryan: I do not.

Andrew: One of my favourite procedurals on air, Kyra's the defending winner so I warrant that she'll back for her seventh nomination...along with the love of your life...

Ryan: She's hardly the love of my life.

Andrew: Tut, tut, tut. Don't make me pound my gavel.

Ryan: I do enjoy Julianna Marguilies performance though so yeah she's in.
Though to be honest, I'm much more in love with one Elisabeth Moss who upgraded to Lead after submitting and getting nominated for Supporting last year.

Andrew: Well, she's been nominated in lead before so she's more than just a contender. I've never watched a season of Sons of Anarchy but Katey Segal is flirting with chances of a first time Emmy nomination after her Golden Globe win.

Ryan: It all depends on what they think about the show I think. It'd be a great story if she and Ed O'Neill were to both be nominated this year.

Andrew: Umm why (he asks embarrassedly.)

Ryan: Both starred in Married with Children back in the 80s? 90s? The decades are starting to blur. I'm old.

Andrew: (PS. Was Married with Children the one with Christina Applegate?)

Ryan: Yup. Back to Mad Men for a second, it's so weird January Jones didn't category hop like Moss. She belongs in Best Supporting.

Andrew: I know. It sort of sucks for January because the writers don't know what to do with her, and she's done fine good work this past season but then, supporting actress is even more packed and she’s sort of half-and-half. If they go batshit for Mad never know.

Ryan: It definitely is, but I think she'd have a good showing there too. Oh well. Speaking of lead-supporting roles, I know you don't watch it but it's also weird for Lena Headey to submit herself here rather than supporting for Game of Thrones.

Andrew: Whereas I'm more willing to bet on Chandler being nominated, I'm not as certain that Connie Britton is in.

Ryan: Well when you're saddled with a non-starter storyline like Epyck or however you spell her name, yeah Britton didn't have much to do.

Andrew: Hahahaha. (*Applause*)

Ryan: (I'm here all night!) Any thoughts on Sally Field and Jeanne Tripplehorn for their last seasons? Field is a former winner while they don't know Tripplehorn exists.

Andrew: Field. Brothers and Sisters was so weak and Big Love was so strong. Even though Sevigny will always be MVP in the latter Barb had a powerful year, but you're right. They don't know she exists...and they hardly care for the show.

Ryan: And speaking of non-existent show and performance, I'm clinically depressed knowing that Anna Torv's exception work on Fringe will 100% be ignored.

Andrew: I'm actually sad that Anna Paquin will be ignored, Globe win in 2010 and all.

Ryan: Yeah, but at least she has been recognized somewhere. Torv is getting much love from critics, but that's not the same.

Andrew: I'm praying that Mariska Harigaty doesn't make it back. It's so weird how they'll keep nominating her, but after her win Patricia Arquette was virtually ignored for Medium.

Ryan: Hargitay is such a perennial favourite though and it helps that her show will give her a gut wrenching episode here and there for her to submit.

Andrew: But the nominees are based on overall seasons, they don't submit episodes until they're actually nominated (or shortlisted). Still. aaargh.

Ryan: Well that's even more confusing then. WHY DO THEY KEEP nominating her then?

Andrew: I DON'T KNOW...but, let's ignore her. And finally, 3 lawmakers in series premieres: Dana Delaney Body of Proof, Kathy Bates Harry's Law and Mireille Enos The Killing.

Ryan: Enos if they appreciate that kind of quiet performance. Bates if they go for name recognition.

Andrew: Having seen only three episodes, what did you think of Enos?

Ryan: I think I need to see more. She didn't get to do much, at least relatively. Plus I'm still trying to get used to her as someone who isn't a
polygamist's wife.

Andrew: Episode 11 (Missing) takes a break from the case and she's brilliant in it.

Ryan: And if being a movie star helps in the Comedy section (see above for Linney), thoughts on Oscar winner Melissa Leo's chances? Don't watch her show though.

Andrew: She didn't get love last year, but I'm wondering if The Fighter love AND Mildred Pierce love could help her.
Ryan: Well she wasn't an Oscar winner last year, was she?

Andrew: True. So, ready for me to p-p-predictions (pretending I'm wrapping, don't ask). RAPPING. Good lord, Andrew.

Ryan: Nice. I'll wait to see your picks.

Andrew: Random order:
Julianna Margulies The Good Wife
Kyra Sedgwick The Closer
Elizabeth Moss Mad Men
Mireille Enos The Killing
Mariska Hargitay Law and Order SVU
January Jones Mad Men as a surprise inclusion

Ryan: VERY interesting. My predictions:
Connie Britton Friday Night Lights
Mariska Hargitay Law and Order: SVU
Julianna Margulies The Good Wife
Elisabeth Moss Mad Men
Emmy Rossum Shamless
Kyra Sedgwick The Closer

Ryan: And I just realize we didn't talk about young Emmy Rossum.

Andrew: That's what happen you don't watch quality shows Andrew (head to table).

Ryan: I think she has a good chance, if they watch the show.

Andrew: Is Shameless really that much of a threat?

Ryan: Only if they watch the show.

Andrew: What's it about?

Ryan: A group of kids with a drunk dad and an absentee mom, trying to raise themselves as lower middle class family in... Chicago? Detroit? Whatever. Rossum plays the oldest child and acts as the mom to the rest. It's a remake of a British show.

Andrew: I guess I should give that a watch sometime. Added to Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead.

Ryan: She gets to be fun, fierce, sad, angry, sexy, everything.

Andrew: oooooh, oooooh before I go or forget...did you watch the preview for Smash?

Ryan: If by preview, you mean that long-ish trailer that NBC showed the TV crix a few weeks back... then yeah. If it's something new they released recently... no?

Andrew: I don't know. Saw it on you-tube (it's like 5 minutes long). Did you like it? I have a feeling it could seriously bomb, but I watched it like ten times.
Ryan: LOVED IT. Glee for adults... with brains.
Andrew: and by ten times, I mean 50.
Ryan: It's one of my favorite new fall show preview. Probably second to Awake. You should see that.

Andrew: I'll get on that. Are there any shows premiering this summer that I should keep an eye on?
Ryan: I honestly don't know. Only thing I can think of is Torchwood: Miracle Day.

Andrew: Cool.

Ryan: Oh and there's this new show, Wilfred, starring Elijah Wood. Heard it was supposed to be good.

Andrew: Ah, yeah - that I've got to check up on. (A/N: Reviews coming tonight.)

Ryan: I didn't mean to make that rhyme.

Andrew: Ha. Now I'm thinking of Pushing Daisies, I was watching "Girth" earlier, the Halloween episode where the narrator was rhyming.

Ryan: Aw. Miss that show. My DVDs are circulating around my friends so I can't immediately re-watch.
Andrew: Did you see the preview of KC in Good Christian Belles?

Ryan: Yeah. I don't know. I mean it could be okay, but doesn't feel like the type of show I'd be into.

Andrew: It seems a bit drab, but I shall watch for Kristin. So weird seeing her being mean.

Ryan: BTW I'm pretty sure I saw most of the new fall shows previews. I made that a priority a few weeks back. Yeah, I'd totally check it out for KC. Hope it surprises.
Who are you hoping is going to get a Best Actress nomination?                   

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I cheer for the great, great actress Mariska Hargitay. But do not think she is appointed. Just do not want Kira Sedgwick. She already took the Emmy for Juliana Marguiles last year. But I think this year Juliana won.