Friday, 1 July 2011

Coming Soon…

Just look at that, the year’s already half over. It feels like yesterday I was trying to watch out those final awards’ worthy films in preparation for the Oscars and now it’s six months later and 2011 hasn’t given me anything special to fête (although I haven’t seen much, and Hanna was loads of fun). I’m currently engaging in some lively discussions on the subject of potential Emmy nominations with Ryan of Sorta That Guy. But, the Emmy’s can only take you so far. I’m much fonder of my own nominees which I’ll start revealing this weekend recapping the last television season. For one, I decide which players to submit, in what categories I want to. Because, I’m way more fun than the Emmys.
ELIGIBLE COMEDIES: 30 Rock / The Big C / Community / Cougar Town / Desperate Housewives / Entourage / Episodes / Glee / How I Met Your Mother / Modern Family / Nurse Jackie / The Office / Parks and Recreation / Private Practice / True Blood / United States of Tara
ELIGIBLE DRAMAS: Big Love / Boardwalk Empire / Brothers and Sisters / The Closer / Dexter / The Good Wife / Grey’s Anatomy / The Killing / Mad Men / Parenthood
Yup, I’ve gone rogue putting United States of Tara in the drama category. I know that I’m really a movie blog, for the most part, so I’ve got some cinematic features coming up. For one, the long awaited return of Forgotten Characters. Don’t deny it; you know you’ve been waiting with bated breath. I’ve also got a feature set to temporarily replace Scene on a Sunday (although it ends up seeming more like a complement). And, I’ve also got a short-term feature to last for the remainder of the summer. Look out for some more life on the blog starting later tonight.
But now’s as good a time as any. Is there anything special you want on the blog?

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