Thursday, 28 July 2011

Clothes Horses: Episode Five

I’m offering a double dose of Clothes Horses this week, one’s a hold-over from a couple of weeks back and the other’s a new one. Now, I gave the dress before with the clue “She needs a holiday!” – if you figure out that key piece of dialogue you’ve got it made. And, because I’m such a pushover I’m giving you a clue that should uncover it all. Both films are from the same year.

Go. Who’s wearing what and in what movie? 

 UPDATE: So, either you've gone lazy or my clues are awful. Probably the latter...okay one of the women takes pictures, the other gets pictures of her taken. The contemporary one is an Oscar winner, but was not nominated for this role. The period one is a multiple Oscar nominee, one of them for this role. If you find one, just think of what other films came out that year


Ryan T. said...

So I'm thinking you need to give us more clues. ;-)

Luke said...

Don't fret! Your clues are totally fine! I definitely picked up the one on the right from the "I need a holiday" quote - Ms. Bening in the wonderful Being Julia! And speaking of Julia... could we be seeing Closer on the left? :)

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

luke BINGO, on both counts. you rock!

Ryan T. said...

Well see I've never seeing BEING JULIA so I'm kind of relieved now. I kept thinking I knew it, but I really really didn't.