Monday, 4 July 2011

Clothes Horse: Episode 1

Last year when I was being egregiously late, as per normal, in wrapping up a decade in review I posted ten photos of film characters, one for each decade, with their face obscured in some of the decades finest costumes and made you guess their origins. I’ll try to give clues.

But, this is one is simple. So, no other clue than it won an Oscar for its costumes. Can you guess the film?


DEZMOND said...

costumes are my favourite part at the Oscars, since I'm a designer myself. And I always love costumes in historical films and sf. People usually don't know how much talent, effort and work goes into the costumes for a single film.
Costumes from ELIZABETH THE GOLDEN AGE are still my absolutely number one ever!

Jose said...

Ugh how this beat Keira's iconic green dress is something I'll never forgive AMPAS of doing.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

the costumes are sumptuous and loud, which is why they won. undeservedly so, i guess that's why they won. apparently this one WAS too easy.