Friday, 10 June 2011

“We Were On a Break”

No the title of this piece has nothing to do with Friends. I was planning on taking something a sabbatical from blogging, but then I remembered by weekly TV column. I’m still on my break, I just decided I’d drop in some random television rantings because a) Nurse Jackie and United States of Tara both offered up fine episodes this week and b) the Emmy’s are coming up and with the thirty odd shows I’ve followed for the last season I have to get my own personal Emmy list in order.
So, Bryce is continuing to be a little shit on United States of Tara, in a really bad way and as the show nears its end I now realise how much I will miss it. I still don’t like Marshall, but Gilcrhist was on fire this episode as was Corbett and it’s interesting seeing how the family is being affected by this. It’s interesting watching Charmain holding on to Tara when Neal is encouraging her to leave. Then, on Nurse Jackie Jackie gets what should be a wakeup call, but knowing her it’s probably going to eb as ineffective as Zoey. Well, I like Zoey but she’s a softie (which is why we love her). Eve Best was absolutely brilliant this episode and made me realise that Facinelli has good chemistry with EVERYBODY. I wish they’d both get Emmy nods, but I’m not crazy. I know they won’t. UGH!
Nurse Jackie B+
United States of Tara B+/A-
Eve Best in Nurse Jackie A-
Keir Gilchrist in United States of Tara B+/A-
John Corbett in United States of Tara B+
Peter Facinelli in Nurse Jackie B+
Toni Collette in United States of Tara B+

Just because I want to ensure that when my personal ballot comes about that it’s as eclectic as I’d hope I’m trying to catch up on some shows I missed. I’m watching the pilot of The Killing later to see if I should make the jump. I should start recapping the last season in TV soon, but right now I’m still on that break.

How’s this week been for you – in or out of TV?


Robert said...

I thought this week's Tara was perfect. I am going to miss it so much. (And I'll probably say this in your TV column after each of the next two episodes too. Haha!)

Colleen said...

Since I was trying to finish up with both my kids school years and both of their graduations, I'm now finishing up my TV show seasons. I finished Glee this week and I still have Community and How I Met Your Mother to go.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

robert looking forward. you're one of my faithful TV readers :) i don't want to lose your endorsement when tara ends.

colleen the ONLY reason i'm currently watching out how i met your mother is because nph is fabulous. other than that, the show is a chore.