Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Randomness: Clarissa Vaughn in The Hours

Today’s the birthday of Meryl Streep, insert description of her laurels here – yada yada ya. I’m not the biggest fan of Meryl, which most of you know but I go absolutely crazy for her work in The Hours. With the exception of her excellent voicework in The Fantastic Mr. Fox it’s my favourite performance of hers which was done in my lifetime. It was on TV the other day and I only caught the last forty minutes but it’s still beautiful to watch. Officially, my favourite portion is Virginia’s but really each part of the trio is excellent. Sure, Meryl is a chameleon and what not but she has one of the warmest off-screen dispositions I’ve seen and one of the reasons I love her Clarissa Vaughn so much is the warmth she brings to the character. Next to Dillane’s Leonard (an often underrated triumph) she’s probably the only character who’s not completely broken. It remains as one of the most exasperating Oscar snubs for me. I love this thinking shot. (It's so ironic because she's so organic and non-technical here.)
Happy birthday, Meryl. I may dislike you on principal for breaking Katharine Hepburn’s nomination thrice over, but Clarissa eviscerates any bad feelings. What's your favourite Meryl from 1990-2011?


Paolo said...

The whole finger to the lips thing is one of her tics. She's had weaker performances but at least in something like Doubt which is arguably a transformative performance. It feels as if Daldry's direction was just like 'Meryl, be you.' Also, I still need to finish the book. And to answer your question: Adaptation fo shiz.

Also, I think an anime character is named after her.

Robert said...

I like what you said about her being organic - I feel like her entire performance in The Hours is that way, which is a contrast to most of her canon of more technical actor-y performances. My favorite third of the trio will probably always be Laura Brown but Meryl is so brilliant, especially since her portion could have been so alienating.

Brandon said...

ADAPTATION!! Duh. Much more organic than The Hours, which doesn't quite let her soar like she does with Susan.

Caz said...

Well I just watched Postcards from the Edge a few days ago and that was just incredible. I love Meryl and she doesn't seem to do anything wrong. The Hours is just amazing! I have a real soft sport for her role in Julie and Julia, thought she was brilliant yet again! Let's face it Meryl can do no wrong in my eyes!

Alex Ramon said...

Re-watched MARVIN'S ROOM recently and really admire her work there: one of her 'simplest' and most effective performances. (Also thought about that movie in relation to your "Sister, Sister" post from a while back.)

And I find her Donna in MAMMA MIA! a bit irresistible as well. :)

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

paolo i feel i'm misunderstanding you at the beginning of the comment. (the novel is lovely, but shamefully i prefer the film, which is so unlike me because i have a tendency to be a book snob.)

robert i think that's precisely why i love her clarissa. it's so unlike her usual fare (it's the same way i think of her work in it's complicated. obviously, not as good as this but so much better than her julia childs, for me.)

brandon well, obviously. you're not alone. paolo agrees with you.

caz you meryl fans :). she's loads of fun in postcards from the edge. love her opposite shirley.

alex marvin's room is nice forgotten gem. especially love diane in that one.