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Emmy Chatter: Guest Performers

I have this theory that my naturally obsessive personality is so chronic that it’s always on the lookout for something new to obsess over and at the moment I’ve set my sights on the vast world of TV. The Emmy nominees (the golden standard for the small screen) are going to be announced in a few weeks (July 11th) and I’m taking a journey through the main categories, prediction-wise, with fellow TV stalwart Ryan of Sorta That Guy. Most of my readers are exclusively cinema oriented but I know a few of you have a love for television – like Robert and United States of Tara, or Jose and True Blood or Luke and Modern Family. I’m hungry for awards’ talk, the Emmy’s will suffice.
So, Ryan and I started with the guest performers. Here's what our conversation went like...
Andrew: Okay, the ball's in your court. What do you want to start with Comedy Guests or Drama Guests? Actors or Actresses?

Ryan: Let's do Comedy. You choose the gender!

Andrew: Okay, Guest Actor in a Comedy. They're way more boring.

Ryan: Isn't that the truth. So who are you predicting?

Andrew: Well, last year NPH won for being phenomenal on Glee, but there's no Glee star that's going to be getting a nod this year and the Emmy's LOVE John Lithgow so he's the closest thing to a lock I can think of for playing Barney's dad on How I Met your Mother.
So is NPH passing on the baton to his father this year?
Andrew: And, Justin Timberlake already won for Saturday Night Live and John Slattery on 30 Rock seems way too obvious to ignore. So that's three. Help me out!
Ryan: I also have Lithgow in my predictions, because they love him and he does good work with NPH on HIMYM. Do you really think they wouldn't nominate Darren Criss though from Glee? I'm also predicting Justin Timberlake since they're lazy and he's entertaining enough. John Slattery seems like an easy pick, but I'm actually not predicting him.

Andrew: Criss is fine on Glee, he's just there to be dreamy and for Kurt to make googly eyes at, but he's submitting "Never Been Kissed", which I think he's less than stellar in. And bleh, it's just sort of tame.
Ryan: I agree with you on the tameness and the lack of substance Blaine as a character has. But they love Colfer, Glee, and it's an Important Political Issue.

Andrew: Hmm, I get that, but the Emmy is so weird with youth. They almost never give them love. I'm anticipating someone from Modern Family to make it, but who? There's Nathan Lane, James Marsden, Matt Dillon? They're not a show 30 Rock that demands all their guests get nods but I could see at least two of them making it.
Which Modern Family/30 Rock equation will make it?
Ryan: I actually have Alan Alda and Nathan Lane, less because of their work and more because they like to nominate guest actors from 30 Rock and Modern Family respectively. So I'd say Lane over the Modern Family guest actors.
Andrew: Even, though I think he's the least interesting of the three potential guest slots for the show? I could actually see that happening, but I could just as easily see it not. Any chance of any of The Office guys making it?
Ryan: Will Ferrell might have a chance, but I hope not since I really didn't like the character at all.
Andrew: I find it sort of odd that Groff didn't submit himself for Glee nor Reid Ewing for Modern Family nor James Spader for The Office. I never really get these submissions. Ah, well: I'll show my hand. My predicted:
Alan Alda 30 Rock
Jim Carrey Saturday Night Love
Matt Dillon Modern Family
John Lithgow How I Met Your Mother
John Slattery 30 Rock
Justin Timberlake Saturday Night
Ryan: My predictions:
Alan Alda 30 Rock
Daren Criss glee
Eddie Izzard United States of Tara
Nathan Lane Modern Family
John Lithgow How I Met Your Mother
Justin Timberlake Saturday Night Live
Actually I wanted to know your thoughts on Eddie Izzard's work on United States of Tara. More than probable, no?
Andrew: I like the idea of Izzard, and people love him, but the Emmy's have such massive tunnel vision with United States of Tara that I never know if they'll remember him. They see Collette and no one else.
Ryan: Very true. I mean Keir Gilchrist should've been nominated over Chris Colfer (or along side him) last year.
Andrew: And Rosemarie Dewitt. I mean, WTF? Emmy's are so weird. Okay, on to Guest Actress in Comedy. Way more interesting and tough. What do you think of the field?
Ryan: So very tough. The only real lock is Cloris Leachmen in Raising Hope. They LOVE her and it's a very showy role in a crtically-loved show.   
Andrew: Have you seen it? I mean, I have zero interest in seeing it which makes me feel badly.
Ryan: I saw the first half of the season, but stopped due to time-contrainst and not because the show became bad. I've been meaning to catch up.And as great as Martha Plimpton is on the show, Leachman is the great Emmy hope for this show.
Andrew: Well, yeah, Cleachman is in because they love her, I believe she ruled the category for Malcolm in the Middle. They love all old people. Which means that Elaine Stritch is a lock too for 30 Rock. It's like old-women give them a giant hard-on or something. Stritch isn't always that good on the show, but I digress. I say, Stritch, Leachman and Paltrow are locks.
Ryan: Yes to their love for older women which is why I also think that Carol Burnett (Glee) and Mary Tyler Moore (Hot in Cleveland) might make it in. The latter only if the Betty White Adulation is still strong this year. Paltrow seems like a sure bet too since she's a Big Name on a Big Show, plus she has her charms especially early on. I don't watch The Big C, but I know you do, what are Cynthia Nixon's chances?
Andrew: Yeah, for Burnett. And Cynthia Nixon is MAGNIFICENT on the show. She's already got two Emmy's so I think they love her, so she should be in. But, I'm wondering if they'll remember Linney and no one else like with the other showtime shows. Tina Fey is potentially in, but can't they get tired of her eventually, you think?
Ryan: They never get tired of anybody it seems, but yeah I'm not so confident about Fey. Then there are former winners Kristin Chenoweth (Glee) and Megan Mullaly (Parks and Recreation). And anyone from Modern Family? So everything is up in the air, this category.
Andrew: I can see Kristin being nominated because even though her role was small she was spectacular, but then I could see her not. I don't see Megan getting it. I know Parks and Rec is potentially seeing more love this season, but those people are fickle. So, hmm, I think she'll be shafted.Okay. Show your hand. Name your six.
Ryan: My predictions:
Kristin Chenoweth Glee
Cloris Leachman Raising Hope
Mary Tyler Moore Hot in Cleaveland
Cynthia Nixon The Big C
Gwyneth Paltrow Glee
Elaine Stritch 30 Rock
And really who knows?
Andrew: So close to mine:
Carol Burnett Glee
Kristin Chenoweth Glee
Cloris Leachman Raising Hope
Gwyneth Paltrow GleeAmy Poehler Saturday Night Live
Elaine Stritch 30 Rock
I see Poehler as a surprise nod for her work, but I already see that that's too much Glee, so I know I'm wrong.
Ryan: Well we'll see. Their Glee-love last year was excessive, so who knows?
Andrew: Who knows indeed. Okay, Guest actors for drama. Any locks?
Ryan: Michael J. Fox in The Good Wife is incredibly locked though in an ideal world so would Johnny Lee Miller for his work in Dexter.
Andrew: For me the lock is Beau Bridges in Brothers and Sisters which has had a less than stellar year, but they nominated him for his work on Desperate Housewives two seasons back when the show was going through more than a rough patch. And Beau was nominated for The Closer last year. So, who knows?
Ryan: See, I didn't know that. So Beau Bridges, who did make my longlist as I was preparing for this conversation, didn't REALLY seem like someone who could make the shortlist. Certainly Robert Morse from Mad Men? But only if they are lazy really.
Andrew: Morse, I didn't even think of it...but maybe they won't be that lazy. Law and Order people seem to make it a lot, but I don't watch any of them anymore (except random SVU's to bitch about how much I hate Mariska). Jeremy Irons is being talked up.
Ryan: I don't watch it anymore either, but if it's anyone it'll be Jeremy Irons, though Lost's Henry Ian Cusick might have a chance as well. Another show I don't watch anymore is The Mentalist but Bradley Whitford's role is a super important one on the show and his scene in this year's finale is quite a big moment/turning point for the show. But I have no idea how much the show is on their radar.
Andrew: Geez, this category looks even more boring than the comedy one. Yawn. Okay, predictions:
Beay Bridges Brothers and Sisters
Richard Dreyfyss Parenthood (who knows, right?)
Michael J. Fox The Good Wife
Jeremy Irons Law and Order: SVU
Johnny Lee Miller Dexter
Peter Weller Dexter
In a perfect world, it'd be Dallas Roberts over Fox.
Ryan: My predictions:
Beau Bridges Brothers and Sisters
Michael J. Fox The Good Wife
Jack Huston Boardwalk Empire
Johnny Lee Miller Dexter
Bradley Whitford The Mentalist
Clearly I added Bridges just now after talking to you. I replaced Morse.
Andrew: Hmm, Jack Huston for Boardwalk Empire? I would love that, I really would but the Emmy's are weird.
Ryan: I only did that since I'm expecting Boardwalk Empire to do really well with the Emmy's even though I haven't seen a single episode!
Andrew: Well, the show is great. Okay, guest actress in a drama. My mind is still ruminating, you go.
Ryan: Unlike the other guest category, I don't really think there's anyone who is a lock here. I mean it's a lock that someone who guest starred in Law & Order: SVU will make it in. But who? Shohreh Aghdashloo, Maria Bello, Kate Burton, Marcia Gay Harden, Drea DeMatteo, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Elizabeth Mitchell, Rita Wilson? GAH!
Andrew: That's precisely what I'm thinking. I'm looking at the list and thinking, eenie-meenie-minie-, Marcia Gay Harden.
Ryan: Having not seen the episodes obviously, I was leaning towards Kate Burton or possibly Mitchell, who was nominated last year in this same category for Lost. Shoreh Aghdashloo might get nominated for her work in House.
Andrew: I want to say Stiles is in because she got the globe nod, and because it's shameless category fraud and she rules the episode. Aghdashloo and Messing and Marcia for Law and Order, then Ellen Burstyn for Big Love because she's old and classy. But, I'm really being random here. So, don't hold me to it.
Ryan: If I had to pick a lock, as flimsy as it is, it would be Stiles for Dexter. She did phenomenal work certainly, but yeah I hate the category fraud. And how did I forget about Messing? Yeah, who knows?
Andrew: But remember it's that same terrible fraud that made Lithgow win last year for Dexter, so I say she's in. I'm thinking that someone from The Good Wife (Silverman, Anika Noni Rose) should be in. But, I'm PISSED that Mary Beth Peil didn't submit herelf for playing Peter's mother.
Ryan: Yeah, I think Mary Beth Peil could've had a chance, especially with some of her scenes with Margulies towards the end of the season. They probably don't take Silverman seriously enough and if only Anika Noni Rose was a bigger star in their eyes, but I wouldn't be so shocked if one of them makes it in. They do love The Good Wife.
Andrew: and Anika submitted well ("Silly Season"). or maybe Evan or Alfre from True Blood. The former because her star's on the rise, or the latter because she's amazing and they love. She's got like 5 Emmys.
Ryan: They're both on my longlist, but even though they've shown some love for True Blood in recent years, just not sure if it has grown. Joan Cusack could be a favorite too in her Shameless role (and she also did SVU).
Andrew: Goodness, this is wild. Okay, going for blind-picks here. Okay, so my picks:
Shohreh Aghdashloo Law and Order: SVU
Ellen Burstyn Big Love
Marcia Gay Harden Law and Order: SVU
Ann-Margaret CSI
Debra Messing Law and Order: SVU
Julia Stiles Dexter
Ryan: I know. This is going to be crazy. My predictions:
Shohreh Aghdashloo House
Joan Cusack Shameless
Marcia Gay Harden Law and Order: SVU
Elizabeth Mitchell Law and Order: SVU
Gretchen Mol Boardwalk Empire
Julia Stiles Dexter
And yes, Boardwalk Empire sneaks a nomination here, too.
Andrew: Gah, I forgot to talk up Mol. She's fabulous, and gorgeous, and fabulous. She got her son (played by Michael Pitt) when she was 13 and she looks like his wife. I REALLY want her to be remembered.
Ryan: I'll take your word for it! But since the Emmy's aren't until forever from now, I definitely have time to catch up on the show.
Andrew: Wow, we just seemed to roll through that.
UP NEXT: Writing and Directing in a Drama Series.
Do you have any predictions for the guest category at this year's Emmys?


Ryan T. said...

Just to clarify, I actually predict Joan Cusack to be nominated for her Shameless role over her guesting on SVU. Can't wait to talk about the other categories soon!

Kelly O. said...

I don't think Kristen Chenoeweth could get Emmy nominated. That episode was terrible.

Jose said...

Someone give Gwynnie her Emmy NOW!