Sunday, 5 June 2011

Encore’s Birthday Marathon: Day 19

Truth be told, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do for this penultimate day of birthday marathon (madness). I’d plan out, well vaguely, what I was going to cover for the first eighteen days and Anna defiantly succeeded in coercing me into reviewing The English Patient for the final day (so, look out for that tomorrow) but what to do for today?
The thing is, even though I covered the Oscars earlier in the marathon I can’t deny that the blogging world – well, my corner of it, devotes a lot a time to it so on a whim I decided that I’d do something about the 20 years of Oscars – my lifetime. I should probably give a shout out to Andy of Fandango Groovers who’s probably (at least) tangentially the inspiration for this post. What follows is a list of twenty performances from 1991 to 201, one from each year – my favourite performance for every year of my life.


Some of them even surprised, the lack of DDL and Leo D. surprises me (I love them both), only one Cate and Kate (and not my favourite for Cate) surprises me. But I love these performances. Do you recognise them all?


MovieNut14 said...

:D You're welcome for your birthday post idea.

Alex Ramon said...

Think I recognise them all 'cept Joan & Cate. Enlighten me! :)

Fantastic choices! What makes you choose Susan over Geena in T&L?

Brandon said...

"I LOVE shooting this gun!!!"

Crazy Carolyn!

But interesting picks, though. I still really wanna see Thelma and Louise (and I do hear people toot Sarandon's horn much more than Davis').

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

anna well, you're a bit difficult to refuse (what with your determination and all)

alex joan in the upside of anger and cate in notes on a scandal. some years are tough to choose, 1991 being one of them. i love both geena and susan but susan just moves me more.

brandon annette is just superb there, for me. SEE thelma and louise.

Alex Ramon said...

Thanks, need to see The Upside of Anger.

Yes, Geena & Susan is a tough one to call. Generally, I'd go Susan, but Geena has my favourite moment in Thelma & Louise: namely, the "Something's crossed over in me..." moment.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

alex that's such a great thought, because i often think i like sarandon because she does more with less. geena gets the more obvious "actor" moments, but overall i find that susan delivers a much fuller character. (love them both, of course, though.)

Robert said...

Great, and marvelously interesting choices. I love how personal they feel! I particularly love your mention of Blanchett in "Scandal" - you know how I adore that fiery performance. Whishaw and the two Kidmans are a couple of my other favorites from your list!

Yojimbo_5 said...

Yup. And I smiled at each and every one.