Thursday, 23 June 2011

Don’t Stop Believing…?

Have you guys been keeping up with the recent Glee news? Ryan Murphy is already talking about their plans for season three of the show. As wide a gap of disparity as there was between the all-round goodness of season one and good intentions but generally poor executions of season two I’m still not giving up on Glee. I have to wonder, though, if Murphy’s not tired giving out red herrings about the show that I’m often inclined to pay him no mind. (Remember when he promised that season two would be low on Finchel break-up drama?)


It’s somewhat positive, but I think Murphy’s vision is a bit skewed if he thinks that an abundance of songs is the primary thing affecting the show at the moment. Even more, the fact that he plans on no guest stars seem silly. When developed as they should be, guest stars are a key part of the success on the show (see Paltrow, Chenoweth, NPH, Menzel, Groff). Maybe I’m being too hard on him, though. The recent news that they’ve FINALLY hired a real writing team (complete with Buffy alum Marti Nixon) suggests that maybe they are thinking straight. Really, though, it’s the music that’s been the most consistent thing this past season. A drop in quality from season one (as with everything), but at its best it was excellent.

Rolling in the Deep Jesse and Rachel from “Prom Queen”

Take Me Or Leave Me Rachel and Mercedes from “Comeback”

Toxic Glee Club with Will from “Brittney / Brittany”

I Feel Pretty / Unpretty Quinn and Rachel from “Born this Way”

Only the Good Die Young Puck from “Grilled Cheesus”

Don’t Cry for Me Argentina Rachel and Kurt from “Special Education”

One Love Puck and Artie from “Never Been Kissed”

Songbird Santana from “Rumours”

Nice to Meet You, Have I Slept With You? Will and April from “Rumours”
Forget You Holly from “The Substitute”

But, as usual there were some dreadful low points.

Time of My Life Sam and Quinn from “Special Education”

Small World Kurt from “Funeral”

Candles The Warblers from “Original Song”
Billionaire Sam and the Boys from “Audition”
I Know What Boys Like Lauren from “Silly Love Songs”

To the potential ire of Journey, there have been moments when I’ve been inclined to stop believing, but I’m still a believer for the most part. Sort of. What about you? Any numbers you particularly loved or hated last season? Give up on Glee?


Robert said...

I actually did give up on Glee - occasionally I feel a little bad about it, especially when I hear people praising it - it was just too much time of my life to spend a week for something that I was getting little to no enjoyment from. Haha

Alex in Movieland said...

I don't get Glee. I'm sorry. I can't.