Sunday, 22 May 2011

Encore’s Birthday Marathon: Day 5

It’s another day counting down to that fateful birthday. This one is just an aside post, think of it was a footnote.
So, the world is still spinning. So what better way to celebrate that than with some music?
An American In Paris has soured me terribly on Gene Kelly, but Singin’ in the Rain is so much it’s difficult not to find it especially charming. Everything about it is, I even find Jean Hagen’s Lina charming with her poor enunciation and all. My seven year old nephew loves this movie. True, he’s a fan of musicals but the first time he watched it and went around reciting Lina’s “Am I dumb or something?” It’s not that concept for the musical is that freshly innovative, but it’s all about charm. Truly, newness isn’t everything. Something’s a nice, charming good morning is all it takes.
As you were with your Sunday.


Brandon said...

Wow, Andrew? Really? This is like the fourth time you post about movies that I JUST watched! Haha, we seem to have some movie ESP of something. In my history film class we recently finised watching An American in Paris and Singin' in the Rain!

AIP was dull and occasionally awful (how the fuck did it win over Streetcar, again?!), but I did genuinely enjoy "Singin" and the performances, it's real fun and has aged very well. And Jean Hagen's awesome!

TomS said...

A wonderful sequence from a classic movie. It still makes me laugh, and the songs were true classics. Good morning, indeed!

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

brandon so, so dull indeed. i loathe that film but this one is such a delight as tom mentions. it DOES make me laugh.

Fitz said...

Is An American In Paris that bad? My girlfriend keeps recommending it to me.