Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Encore’s Birthday Marathon: Day 14

I posted a snippet earlier “celebrating” Clint Eastwood’s birthday. 2004 wasn’t the first year that I watched the Oscars, but it was the first year where I was actively participating. I had my prediction list, my wish list and I was painfully invested in the outcome of the “race”. So, it’s only natural that Clint’s visage is what appears when I think of all that went wrong with me and Oscar on that first fateful night. But, I think I’m already overreaching...
Around the time that the precursors were being handed out in that 04/05 Oscar season I remember making my sister print out the entire roster of the Oscars in the top 6 categories from 1932 onward. I’m still not sure what I hoped to achieve by this (as you can imagine it was a gargantuan amount of paper) but I ended up memorising a great deal of it so that I turned into a prodigious Oscar-trivia go-to person. I’ve grown past the embarrassment in that I can actually admit to it without cringing, much, but it’s only proof that when I commit to something I really do commit. General jadedness had made me lose that zeal towards the Oscars but I still retain that uncontrollable intensity (proof) and now I have this strange relationship with the Oscars – and all general awards’ ceremony, really. Jose said that if you try really hard you can blame every terrible thing about movies on the Oscars. He was deliberately being sarcastic, but is interesting how the Oscars have managed to take on that larger than life existence, which only adds to that conflicting relationship I have with them. It's too early in the year to spend talking about the Oscars. Right...?
It has been a while since the Oscars. How do you feel about them now?


Robert said...

As far as last year's Oscars go, I'm pretty okay with them though I do mourn Social Network's sudden loss of momentum, and Scott Pilgrim's lack of a Visual Effects nod.

On a positive note though, I love how well the Best Score category turned out. Social Network with the win and How to Train Your Dragon getting nominated...pure perfection.

Luke said...

Uh oh. I sure hope not! I've been talking about them since April. It's interesting you mention 2004. I've been watching the Oscars since 1994 (I was a weird, nerdy kid) and I distinctly recall 2004 as the first year that I realized I had better taste than the Oscars.

I mean, Finding Neverland and Ray and Million Dollar Baby hardly deserved to be in the top spots when Eternal Sunshine and Closer were omitted!

I guess what I learned that year was that the Oscars still retain their mystique and pizzazz, but I can't take the winners and nominees too seriously. They're more about the experience than they're about the accuracy.

And please let's all talk about the Oscars ASAP! :)

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

robert ooh, scott pilgrim i feel a re-watch coming on!

luke it's probably not too early, it's june already. but 2004 was nutso. i drew the line at the double nod for jamie foxx.

TomS said...

It's always fun to speculate, but really, I can't get too serious before most of the films are even released. By the time they are released, they have been discussed to death, and many will watch them with an eye to the awards, and lose a certain amount of objectivity.