Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Random: Lindsay Lohan

Did anyone watch Lindsay on Jay Leno this week? I'm such a ridiculous sentimentalist I still feel a little misty when I see Lindsay Lohan movie pre-Herbie Fully Loaded (and Bobby). I still stand by belief that Lindsay could be a great actor if she tried, but with all the terrible publicity recently that seems incredibly unlikely. Of course, though, she was on talking about her plans to turn her life around what and it does seem sincere, but I guess I can't be blamed for being less than certain about where that's going to go. Hopefully she gets back on track and in the next few years she can actually turn out a great performance.
For now, I'll placate myself with Lindsay back in the day.


Castor said...

Yea, I think it's over lol. I'm over it ;)

Nicholas Prigge said...

Indeed. What could have been. She was so fantastic in "Prairie Home Companion", toe to toe with Meryl, mixing it up, holding her own. Alas.

I also prefer the plastics Cady if only because that meant more screen time for Rachel McAdams.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

castor shame, shame on you for being over lindsay.

nicholas i'll always maintain that my favourite plastic was the wonderful lacey chebert.