Friday, 1 April 2011

Linkin’ in Peace (7 times)

I haven’t linked in sometime, which is because I haven’t been reading in some time. I’m SO busy, and I keep adding new things to my schedule. On top of that I still haven’t seen any 2010 film – I feel like such a failure!!!! But, I digress on with the links, despite all the ramblings amidst the links - these links do come in peace...

It's been some time since Paolo posted this, but I have to single this post out because Sense & Sensibility is amazing. The end. (Image courtesy of Paolo, too.)
I don't love Alicia Silverstone, but I do like her. Like so many actors she just hasn't been able to keep up that momentum that she started with. Nicholas takes a look at her trajectory.

Weird confession, I was interested in seeing Sucker Punch after seeing Bright Star five times last months (no lie) and I felt like seeing Abbie in something new. I knew I was barking up the wrong tree, I knew it wasn't going to be Campionesque, but the reviews have been abysmal. But of the ashes of Sucker Punch comes this great article from Univarn.

I always think of actors and their types. Sure, I think Kate is the greatest actor who ever lived, but she does have a type, which makes me often think of the word "typecast". Castor takes a look at 10 typecast actors...but I often wonder about the great actors, think of the other Kate. She's Little Children, Revolutionary Road, Mildred Pierce, The Reader - three of them mothers, each of them women with secrets to hide, some big some small, almost stifled by their deep emotions and misunderstood by their peers. Typecasted?
Isn't it nice to see that one of Luke's three favourite films is Beauty & the Beast? It's such a timeless piece of cinema, and definitely one of the strongest films from Disney, hell it's one of the strongest films in animation (the strongest if you ask me).

This is an interesting list from Candice featuring comedic actors who've done excellent dramatic work. I don't agree with all her choices (I'll never love a certain performance from 2004) but it's a fine list featuring some brilliant choices - especially Joel Barrish. Now, I want a list of dramatic actors who do brilliant comedic work.
I love Ryan's TV report, especially his words on The Good Wife because Archie Panjabi is AWESOME! The end. I've only recently caught up on the entire season, but GAH I love her, still don't really care for Julianna Marguiles, though but more on that tomorrow.


Candice Frederick said...

thanks for including me in this! We'll just agree to disagree about Jamie Foxx...:)

it's funny because that list first started out in the reverse--dramatic actors in comedic performances--and was almost fully written until i changed it up at the last minute.

Nicholas Prigge said...

Thanks for the link. Too kind. In reference to the other Kate and typecasting, don't you think she could be dynamite at comedy? She proved she could do it in "Extras" so I wonder why filmmakers won't give her the chance. What I'd give to see the other Kate with The Coens.

Castor said...

Thanks for the link love Andrew :) I wouldn't call Kate the Great typecast although certainly, as of late she has played a couple similar roles. Now if 5 or 10 years from now, she is still playing those...

Ryan T. said...

Much appreciation for the link. Gives me motivation to keep at it even though I suck at being consistent. And yes, Panjabi is so awesome.