Wednesday, 9 March 2011

5 Links

My favourite post of this week is one that amuses me to no end, which is not to say that Nicholas isn't completely earnest in his proclamations. I'll always have his best interests at heart because he's as big a fan of Titanic as I (more so, even) and he returns to a decade long (and more) quest to Give Kate Winslet Back her Oscar (his words not mine).

Jose's finally getting down to his year-end awards and his list of Supporting Men and Supporting Women are both fine. As is expected, the list of full of some interesting surprises. Love his #1 on both counts, so I can't complain.

Tom gives an especially rousing look at The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, tying it to current (American) times. It's a particularly good read. 

Univarn loves to feign madness, but he's always ready to point out some astute things. Case in point this VERY pertinent entry on film criticism.

I couldn't help but notice two reviews of The Sting around hereabouts recently, one by the aforementioned Nicholas (here) and one by Paolo (here). Am I the only who loves this film without reservations?
Hmmm, apparently I can't links. Whatever.


Univarn said...

Major thanks for the link, Andrew. I know I haven't commented here as much lately as I used to (or indeed should) so I am sorry about that! As to feigning mandess, I have no idea what you mean... *puts on best angelic face - halo not included*

Nicholas Prigge said...

Two links? Thank you! I'm so not worthy. I mean, I did like "The Sting" but, well, I hate to be the guy behind Woody Allen in the movie line, it just didn't hit me on a gut level.

TomS said...

Andrew, thanks for your appreciation of the "Brodie" piece!

Well, things took a bad turn in Wisconsin...not even Jean Brodie's tirades could have stopped the madness. Sad.

simoncolumb said...

Followed through on the Winslet link! What great stuff! I feel that there is a great community here I didn't know about!

More movie blogs to read! Good times!

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

univarn of course you don't know what i'm talking about, of course you don't...

nicholas okay, you win points for making a great annie hall reference. you're absolved.

tom maggie is something special there, though, is she not?

simoncolumb thanks for following through on the links.