Friday, 18 February 2011

Oscar Talk: Visual Techs

So, apparently on the cusp of the ASC win for Inception it’s turned into the frontrunner for Cinematography.

I feel like such a fraud having next to no enthusiasm about the race, so despite the fact that Inception shows up nowhere in my top 12 directors of photography I’d be least interested if it actually wins. Logic dictates that True Grit’s Roger Deakins (who’s been trying for that Oscar for some time) will get his due, but I won’t be surprise if he loses. In fact, my gut tells me that The King’s Speech could very well take this, and I’d be fine since it actually makes my list of nominees – but that could result in a potential bloodbath since everyone isn’t convinced that it’s well shot – and the backlash against it is already deafening. The Social Network is not one to rule out here, either and logically, you have to at least consider the possibility of a Black Swan – a win I’d be on board with. Inception aside (or not, even) it’s a fine bunch of nominees.

NOMINEES: Black Swan (Matthew Libatique) / Inception (Wally Pfister) / The King’s Speech (Danny Cohen) / The Social Network (Jeff Cronoweth) / True Grit (Roger Deakins) Prediction: The King’s Speech Alternate: True Grit

Maybe I’ll change my mind, but I’m going with The King’s Speech for cinematography – which is based, more than anything, on a maddening hunch of mine.

As far as locks go, I don’t think that Inception is as assured of its win here as – say – Avatar last year; but it’s most likely to assume that it’ll win here. Logically, I’d only see Harry Potter being any competition; but AMPAS voters have not always been known for logic and there’s no telling what sort of spoiler Alice in Wonderland could end up being here. Perhaps, a distant second...?

NOMINEES: Alice in Wonderland / Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows I / Hereafter / Inception / Iron Man II Prediction: Inception Alternate: Alice in Wonderland

You know that trend where the Best Picture winner wins editing, I’m often confused by it...but I digress. Owing to the fact that there is nary a stinker in the ten films nominated for Best Picture, the five editing nominees are quite stellar – with the exception of 127 Hours, which is too unsubtle for me to fête. The Social Network wins my own personal competition, and I predict that it’d be the logical winner here.

NOMINEES: Black Swan (Andrew Weisblum) / The Fighter (Pamela Martin) / The King’s Speech (Tariq Anwar) / 127 Hours (Jon Harris) / The Social Network (Kirk Baxter and Angus Wall) Prediction: The Social Network Alternate: Black Swan

I think of The King’s Speech and Black Swan as potential spoilers, although I think the former’s editing is “better” they both have that palpable “edited” feel without being too overworked and Black Swan does accomplish much of its development through its editing, so who knows if a Black Swan surge could occur.
Is Deakins or Pfister headed to the podium? Or is there wisdom in my folly? Does The Social Network and Inception have editing and visuals locked up? Do you care?


Nicholas Prigge said...

I felt like "The King's Speech" was PROFESSIONALLY shot, which, in this day and age, is a lot harder than it sounds. The cinematography in all of Nolan's films - even the ones I like - always comes across so discombobulating, but I can't figure out if that's because he's trying to disguise particular effects or because that's his "trademark".

Anyway, I'd be on board with "The King's Speech" winning, although it goes without saying that I'm rooting for Libatique.

TomS said...

I'm on board for any film that didn't look like it was "shot" entirely in a computer.... I loved "King's Speech" for its subtle lensing; and thrilled to Black Swan's mobility. A toss-up for me.

If I had a ballot, I would mark Editing for "Black Swan" which was masterful at building tension all the way to the final white-fade.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

nicholas and tom i never thought of that point on nolan's film before - but it's a fine one. i'd be down with anyone BUT pfister winning, which probably means he will...(libatique and cohen are at the top, for me, though.)