Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Oscar Talk: Dream Duos

I always like watching the road to the Oscars because it’s always cool seeing the nominees fraternising with each other; a bit like watching animals in their natural habitat or whatnot. Last year, I’d have given anything to see an eventual pair-up between Gabourey Sidibe and Carey Mulligan (they always seemed so chummy at events) or Helen Mirren and Meryl Streep. So, I made my own list – using the 20 nominees for the 2010 here are the five duos I’d most love to see.
Mark Ruffalo and Jeremy Renner
I’ve always wanted to see Mark Ruffalo play an ultimately badass (though it is fun watching him play the ultimate stoner). And, with Renner being in good form throughout The Town playing the aggressive role for all its worth, I’d be much interested in seeing them battle it out as criminals at war. My limited imagination is seeing too much of The Departed playing out, which probably wouldn’t work as well. But, they’re such opposing technical forces it’d be interesting watching them battle it out.

Jennifer Lawrence and James Franco
I hate to sound superficial, but Jennifer Lawrence is so pretty I want to see her actually use that beauty (for good or ill) in a movie. And who better to pair her opposite than James Franco? That’s a whole lot of hotness. I don’t know why, though, but I’m now immediately flashing back to Bright Star (I swear, I can’t get that movie out of my head since we started studying Keats this semester). I’m not sure if either has a good British accent, but I wouldn’t be averse to seeing them in a period piece, but – really – I’m not that picky. Their aestheticism may distract me...
Amy Adams and Natalie Portman
Perhaps it’s the red hair that I’ve seen them each sport before, but don’t they seem like an obvious duo to play a sister/sister pair. One reason I hate the Oscars’ is because in cheering on our favourites there’s that tendency to end up (ostensibly at least) disliking the competition, but though I’m not backing her I do like Natalie Portman. I find her general nature quite charming, and I’m even fonder of Amy Adams. I can’t see how any casting director could go wrong pairing the two women opposite each other in a nice drama.
Annette Bening and Geoffrey Rush
Both Annette and Geoffrey have a stringent theatrical nature to them that’s often mistaken for histrionics (see Quills, Being Julia) and they’re both actors who work well opposite their respective scene partners. This makes me keenly interested in the idea of seeing them play opposite each other in something decidedly theatrical. Honest truth, the first idea that popped into my head was seeing them play opposite each other in Macbeth, but even something deliberately whimsical or anachronistic like a play within a play (a la Shakespeare in Love, or once again – Being Julia). Just think of the glorious shouting matches the two would have.
Helena Bonham Carter and Nicole Kidman
I have no idea what I’d want them to star in together, but it’s possible that this much brilliance in one film could make me combust. They’re at such opposite sides of the spectrum as actors it would be especially interesting to see what they’d be like in close proximity to each other – Kidman could be a younger stand-in for the Margaret Schlegel type in Howards End, even if I’m not in love with her British accent. But, really, I can’t be the only one who’d like to see them play against each other – they both have underrated (albeit brilliant) comedic performances. Perhaps, frenemies at war?
Of the twenty nominees, which pairing would you like to see come to fruition? How about adding one of the five director nominees to each of my would-be films?


Walter L. Hollmann said...

Ooooh Bening/Rush makes me giddy, giddy, giddy. A remake of The Barkleys of Broadway? (never saw it, but it sounds like they'd be awesome in it -- husband/wife musical-comedy duo where she wants out).

In 2008, I was pretty fixated on getting Amy Adams and Josh Brolin together. But for this year?

Bale and Lawrence could team up for more serious fare -- I imagine a relationship along the lines of Dillinger/Billie. Bonham-Carter and Portman in a quirky family comedy -- maybe Helena is an Auntie Mame type?

Bardem and Firth as antagonists in a conspiracy thriller: both can be intense or easy-going, depending on the situation or role. The roles are interchangeable, but we get awesomeness no matter what!

Eisenberg and Williams I'd love to
see in a mainstream rom-com together. They're only three years apart, you know. 'Sides, I think Williams should do some lighter fare.

Jose said...

Jackie Weaver and Natalie Portman in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies!

rtm said...

Great idea for a post, Andrew. I did my wish list post of actor/actress romantic pairings a while ago, which was fun to do.

Btw, from the noms, Colin and Nicole are already cast in a movie recently. I'd love to see Colin or Geoffrey and Christian Bale together in something that doesn't require Bale to lose extreme amount of weight or go all psycho. Or maybe Bale and Michelle Williams in a dramatic love story like The End of the Affair or The Painted Veil.

Outside of the noms, I'd love to see two British thespian Alan Rickman and Timothy Dalton square off with each other... yes, predictable of me I know :D

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

walter that sounds perfect for bening and rush, that would really be amazing. and, indeed, williams should try some less morose films.

jose i still can't relinquish my love for the knightley/blethyn pairing makes me sceptical but i like the idea of weaver as lady catherine instead of mrs. bennett.

ruth oooh, bale and williams in something a la the end of the affair. PERFECT! (that would be so intense and depressing, though.)