Thursday, 17 February 2011

Oscar Talk: Aural Techs

I’ve been shirking my duties as Oscar prognosticator (insert dry laughter) as of late because I’ve been counting down my own awards. I didn’t even realise the BAFTA’s had come and gone, although that could be attributed more to my mystical presence on the internet as of late (computer problems + internet issues + school drama).
I’m still constantly amused by the reaction to The King’s Speech leading the Oscar pack, not because I find aversion to the film impossible – that would be silly – but because too many are willing to reject its sound mixing nomination as something valid. It’s surely not the frontrunner by any means, not conceivably at least, but I don’t find its inclusion to be a moot point.
NOMINEES: Inception / The King’s Speech / Salt / The Social Network / True Grit Prediction: True Grit Alternate: The King’s Speech
NOMINEES: Inception / Toy Story III / TRON: Legacy / True Grit / Unstoppable Prediction: Inception Alternate: Toy Story III
I suppose that Inception will take the sound editing category, if only because 127 Hours was egregiously snubbed here. In the light of its love from the Academy (a whopping 6 nominations) I’m still surprised that they didn’t nominate it here. Sound mixing is trickier, though, and who’s to say that me deeming The King’s Speech as little to no competition will prevent it from winning. I wouldn’t complain whatever wins, none of my nominees are nominated here (Black Swan, Shutter Island, Green Zone) but I’m wary of predicting Inception to take both trophies and considering that True Grit has also been singled out for both sound categories, I’ll wager that that will take the sound mixing category.
Who do you see taking the sound prize?


Alex in Movieland said...

I think it's safe for me to say Inception wins both, especially Editing. But yes, True Grit could be a spoiler in Mixing.

My choices: Inception for Mixing and TRON: Legacy for Editing (no doubt about it here).

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

haven't seen TRON. do you recommend it?