Thursday, 6 January 2011

“Where Is the Link That Late I Read?”

Is it wrong that my post of the week is something the writer himself calls shallow, sexist  and dumb? Ah, well. Head on over to Paolo’s immediately and tell him which of these badass cinematic females you thought ruled 2010. My vote was fairly simple – Bellatrix, duh – but he has a wide foray of options. Get on that. 

Gentleman's Agreement and Rain Man - two Oscar Best Picture winners that aren't held in high estimation. I'm generally apathetic towards the former (a rarity for me and a Kazan flick) and I loathe the latter. Nathaniel, Mike and Nick discuss their demerits.

Almost everyone is offering up their "best-of" list for 2010. Kurt tells us what the Oscars would look like if her ran it. Sure he knocks Alan Arkin in Little Miss Sunshine, but other than the list is quite good.

You know I'm obssessed with Katharine Hepburn, same goes for Helena Bonham Carter and the third part of the trimester is Annette Bening who I think is awesome. John doesn't think the same. Sure, I'm backing Annette's bid for Oscar this year - but not because I think she's overdue, I'm backing her because I think she's deserving. This is quite a thought provoking piece, though. What do you think? Should Annette have been Oscar-ed by now? While we're on the topic, though, I love this somewhat old review of The Kids Are All Right - it considers so many facets I didn't before.

Will I be able to see The Way Back before I compile my list of year-end awards? It looks doubtful. Will the Academy deign to consider The Way Back for any awards? Even more doubtful. Ah well, Ben (of Runs Like A Gay) offers up a review. God knows, I want to see it terribly. 

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, look see Nicholas reviews Scott Pilgrim vs the World. It's so weird, every time I hear that movie name I get a goofy smile on my face. I'm in lesbians with it.


Runs Like A Gay said...

Thanks very much for the link.


okinawaassault said...

Thanks for the link. Also, sorry for not responding to your comment so I'll do it here. If Fiennes and HBC are gonna go at it, make it a British war period film or something like that. A balance of Oscar and action.

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