Saturday, 8 January 2011

This “2” Shall Pass: Celebrating Myself

January rolls around again signalling the usual things – beginning of a new year, crawling closer to the dénouement of the official awards’ season and the anniversary of this humble blog. Yup, it’s two years to the day that this blog has begun and I’m honestly a bit surprised it’s gone on so long considering I have a tendency to be like Professor Calamitous (of Jimmy Neutron fame) – failing to ever finish what I start.
You know I’m liable to wax on for paragraphs on a given topic, but talking about oneself is not the least bit interesting – there are only so many adjectives I can find for unhinged. I find myself vaguely amused that the first post published after celebrating the one-year milestone last year was my review of Peter Jackson’s generally maligned The Lovely Bones, which I was fond of. If I was prone too over-thinking – well, more than usual – I’d probably look for some subtext between Jackson’s misunderstood fantasy and this fantastically disjointed space you’re looking at. It wasn’t too soon after that I officially signed off from all things concerning the 2009 Oscars – nary a post was published, not even a reaction to the actual ceremony. Strangely, I’ve flooded the blog with faux-Oscar predictions this season even though I don’t have any significant excitement. It was sort of nice not thinking about all that last year, though. I’d go on to support another maligned flick; my non-review of Nine was not worthy of the film – and I ended up giving it a proper feting. As time goes by I like that one more and more.
If I have to single out the great moments of the past year I notice it's always those communal moments, like any one of those three conversations that Jose, Luke and I had on the Best Actor Oscar Race (2004, 1964, 1984), I think the 1964 discussion is a gem. (Those conversations should be resuscitated in February – next stop, 1967.) Of course any conversation with fellow cinephiles is a treat - if you look to the sidebar and see the bottom nine of my top ten, I'd call that some of the best work I've done and that's only because each of these reviews is buttressed by thoughts from fellow bloggers. The musical blog-a-thon was a great moment here, I sort of can’t believe that two years have gone because I don’t think I’ve really *done* much. Case in point, I’ve yet to review my favourite film – the identity of which you should all know by now (it’s the only un-reviewed film in the new banner above). I’ve no idea what to expect with this, the beginning of a third year of blogging. Everyone and their grandmother is blogging, so there’s nothing inherently estimable about the trade, but everyone who has set “foot” on this page has made it worth while.
Okay, I couldn't help myself. My 5 favourite posts of the past year - not including collaborations:
Okay, as you were.


Univarn said...

Congrats on hitting Year 2 indeed! So many bloggers I know rise to the top before fizzling out into the never ending pit of 'omg I can't believe not everyone loves all my stuff' despair and inevitable quitting.

Ryan T. said...

Your new layout looks amazing! Congrats on your 2-year anniversary! You're doing fantastic things here.

Fritz said...

Many congrats to your second anniversary! I know I don't post a lot here but I am a very loyal reader and I love it how many things you find to talk about! And I hope you will host another blog-a-thon soon! :-)

Alex in Movieland said...

Happy Birthday! :P

and nice to see I was not the only one going through a layout changing phase lately! :D

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

univarn no worries, you'll never get rid of me.

ryan thanks for the sentiment. now define "fantastic" ;)

fritz thank you. who knows, maybe another blogathon sometime soon.

alex i've been muling over a layout change for some time. this may not even be permanent.

Simon said...

Wow, two...I admire your concentration.

TomS said...

Andrew, sincere congratulations on your second anniversary! Keep it up, you are a great writer and getting better all the time!

Robert said...

Congratulations!!! Keep up the amazing work. Your writing constantly inspires me to try to write better in my own blog. Hahaha

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

simon,tom,robert thank you, thank you (@robert) i'll ignore that ha ha and pretend that that was said in earnest. ;)