Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Oscar Talk: The Pictures (Featuring PGA nominations)

The PGA nominations were announced today and only a few persons on twitter seemed interested. You know why? When the race gets upped to ten nominees there’s an obvious dilution of the importance of the nominees. Who cares which ten the PGA nominate when three-quarters of them will be also-rans. And the list is especially safe and banal – the PGA nominees look like this: 127 Hours / Black Swan / The Fighter / Inception / The Kids Are All Right / The King’s Speech / The Social Network / The Town / Toy Story III / True Grit
That’s about as generic as you can get, and I kind of suppose that that could easily be what the nominations look like come Oscar morning. If there’s any palpable omission (as far as Oscar prognostics go) it’s the lack of love for Winter’s Bone, which I can’t say I’m surprised about. In the scheme of things I’d say The Town and Winter’s Bone are fighting for that final spot, and as much as I’m not in love with The Town it does have the obvious pedigree which Winter’s Bone is sorely lacking.
But enough of PGA, more on the race – I suppose it’s time for me to cast off my longstanding stubbornness/stupidity and submit to the fact that True Grit is a serious Oscar contender, it’s even being tossed around as a potential one to upset the race. I’m not sure I’m buying that. I’d say there are the two films fighting for the top spot - The Social Network and The King’s Speech are fighting for the top, though fighting is probably the wrong word because even though I’d love Hooper’s drama (still unseen for me, bah) to take the prize I’m not one of those people who continue to doubt the power of Fincher’s drama. Underneath those two we’ve got Black Swan, Inception, The Fighter and yes, True Grit. More than True Grit I wonder if Black Swan could be a surprise of the evening, but then I don’t think there will BE any surprises.

The Kids Are All Right will apparently take up the comedy quotient which is lovely, but it’s a shame that Cholodenko doesn’t even seem like a contender in the directing category – but more on that later in the week. It’s difficult to decide just where 127 Hours sits, it seems – in theory – like a contender, but the deafening lack of buzz makes me dubious – I still don’t think that Franco is really a contender (in the way of a potential win) in the Actor category. And apparently Toy Story III is going to take the now annual Pixar nod, which I’m less enthused about. Which leaves us with spot #10 – Winter’s Bone or The Town.
Excuse the cynicism, I suppose perhaps all the voters are enamoured with these flicks but it seems like such lazy choosing when there are other films available. I’m still nonplussed, offended even, at the egregious lack of love for Rabbit Hole but for Nicole. I’m still questioning whether the voters have actually seen this one. I guess Shutter Island is officially out of the race, but I’m a tad surprised it gained absolutely no love here. Then there’s Get Low, I’m not sure what to make of Schneider’s film’s chances. Even Duvall seems like a precarious prediction at the best of times, I had been thinking that love for him could spill over to this category, but in retrospect – that’s probably not going to happen. Sure would love to see them shake it up a bit, how about (insert gasp) How to Train Your Dragon in the place of Toy Story III. I don’t know, something – anything. Damn this race is looking especially bland. Ugh.
So, Winter's Bone or The Town? Any impossible nominees you'd love to see come to fruition? 


Robert said...

I agree about "Rabbit Hole". How can the voters see that and fall in love with Nicole Kidman, but totally ignore the rest of the really FANTASTIC stuff happening? Sigh.

rtm said...

I'd LOVE to see 'Dragon' being nominated in Best Picture category, it really has merit among live-action feature, not just animated ones.

I thought that Russell Crowe was really good in The Next Three Days, but given his track record, it's probably not his best work. Lots of people already forgot about the film though.

Haven't seen Winter's Bone yet but I won't cry foul if The Town got a nod. I just hope the Academy voters are a lot wiser than the folks at Hollywood Foreign Press!

Ryan T. said...

Can't wait to see RABBIT HOLE so I can see what everyone else has been talking about. As to why it's not registering with the Academy... well probably similar to BLUE VALENTINE. Small film that came out very late. Sure, the performances are great but they already made up their minds on films before they saw RH and BV. At least this is what I'm telling myself.

I agree with you though that Winter's Bone and The Town are fighting for that final spot. People say 127 Hours, but I think it's more or less safe there not only because Franco is keeping his name/film out there with every bit of news he's involved in, but also because the 127 Hours team is pretty Academy-friendly.

Walter L. Hollmann said...

I'd love to see Winter's Bone get in, but personally, I think if it's replacing anything, it'll be 127 Hours. People *love* The Town. How to Train Your Dragon and Get Low would be most welcome, of course, and of course I hope and pray that enough VFX ppl, Costume/Production Designers, and friends of Michael Cera unite to get Scott Pilgrim in there. If only....

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

robert i don't know. it hurts me that doubt gets its four principals nominated - and a screenplay nod, and this won't get anything other than nicole.

ruth ha, i'm still not mad at the FPA. they amuse me, and well i mean i'm about them loving sherlock holmes and the hangover last year, so these picks are not much worse for me.

ryan but it's like like rabbit hole was being ubiquitous since the beginning of the year. ah, well. and yeah, i don't see 127 hours not being nominated because they have assured technical nods and an assured acting nod. the town doesn't seem to have either.

walter stop dangling scott pilgrim in front of me. lord knows, that's one upset i'd be TOTALLY on board with.

TomS said...

It would be grest to see a Documentary make the BP cut some time. I think "Inside Job" is a worthy contender.

I agree with you Andrew, not too many surprises this year. There are too many different awards leading up to Oscar, and always the same titles... often the same bad titles. (Still trying to undersrtand why "True Grit" got made, let alone the lovefest it's enjoying.)

Ah, I will become Oscar's biggest fan if "Never Let Me Go" gets even an acting nod...But, I am not holding my breath....

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

tom i shall reserve opinion on the latest incarnation of true grit which i've yet to see. but having not been a fan of the original, i can understand your sentiments. and really, i'd just like to see something interesting and since i'd say never let me go>the town i and maybe even inception i wouldn't mind if it gets in. i suppose portman's score is still a contender.