Saturday, 22 January 2011

Oscar Talk (FINAL PREDICTIONS): Editing/Cinematography/Visual Effects

So, on with the final predictions. Need I do a preamble? 

Visual Effects
Is it an upset that I keep expecting Scott Pilgrim vs the World to turn up here? I don’t think so. Yes, I still don’t get why AMPAS felt the need to narrow down the field twice, because now two films will be left with the memory of being so close and yet so far which is really unnecessary when you think of it. I suppose Inception will rule it here – it wouldn’t be my number one, but I’m fine with it. What else can I do?
Predictions: Alice in Wonderland / Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows / Inception / Scott Pilgrim vs the World / TRON Legacy

I want to think of saying – no guts, no glory – and predict the very deserving Shutter Island as a nominee here. But, I’m torn. With the way the race keeps shaping up it’s just looking terribly dismal for it and it looks like we’re going to be getting an insular bunch of nominees. I suppose any chance of it getting nominated will be eviscerated by either Black Swan or The Social Network. Not that I have anything against the photography in either, but I just sort of wish that they’d remember Shutter Island even if not the popular child at the party. I suppose the three central nominees will be The King’s Speech, True Grit and Inception. Honestly, I’m not feeling the Inception love here – but I’m digressing, this is prediction time (not opinion time). Will Deakins’ win? I have no idea....dare I say I don’t even care?
Predictions: Black Swan / Inception / The King’s Speech / The Social Network / True Grit Alternate: Shutter Island / Never Let Me Go / Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows
Ah, the most boring category. Not because there wasn’t fine editing this year – but because it seems we’ll not be getting any surprising deserving nods (ala The Bourne Ultimatum) but the generic five best director nods. I don’t know, I just don’t know what they’ll do because the editing nods do match the directing nods, almost always (except when they’ll surprise us and don’t). I want to think that True Grit is a candidate, in their books at least, but I could only see it replacing - in theory - Inception or The King’s Speech. The former probably won’t miss here and the former should not, if it has hopes of glory. But then, maybe The King’s Speech will end up being snubbed big-time (like Atonement). The thing is, Atonement showed up at a total ZERO guilds and The King’s Speech seems to have a semblance of support, so even though a snub would not be terribly shocking, I don’t see it – not for this one at least. And, The Ghost Writer? It should be a logical inclusion – heck it should be a logical inclusion in many places. I’m not even going to touch on Rabbit Hole – blood under the bridge. I’ll go original and suggest Black Swan will be snubbed – ha.

Predictions: The Fighter / Inception / The King’s Speech / The Social Network / True Grit Alternates: Black Swan / Winter’s Bone
What do you think of madness? Any predictions?


Ryan T. said...

I don't want to get my hopes up so I'm going into nominations morning predicting that SCOTT PILGRIM will get zero nominations. I can't be hurt if I'm not expecting it, right? ::lies I tell myself::

Anyways, great predictions. I think BLACK SWAN will get an editing nod. Which film to kick out? Maybe TRUE GRIT. Just a feeling, no real reason.

TomS said...

Looking at it from a film editor's perspective, "Black Swan" built momentum through montage and had a high level of difficulty that was impressive. It should have a lot of support from those nominating in this category.

Unless the definition of cinematography is changing with technology, I would resist nominating any film which was "made" in a computer. Lighting, lenses, camera movement...these are the elements by which I would judge a well-photographed film.

It's too bad a movie like "The Kids Are All Right" will be ignored in this catgory. Here's a film that looked like few others this year, creating mood and atmosphere without flamboyance. The photography refreshed the entire film, and was as natural and eloquent as Annette Bening's closeups.

Boogie Studio said...

I think it’s a great to have more recognition for the people who work hard at creating these amazing effects for such films as Inception.

Expanding the category to include 5 films is a wise choice and long overdue. Look at the films that make money these days and you are looking at a long list of blockbusters centered on visual effects

Most films have been downloaded or rented in the last couple of years and that was affecting the box office ticket sales of all movies. Now, people want to enjoy the whole movie experience in 3D or on an Imax screen and that is bringing people back to the theater.

At Boogie Studio, We hold VFX artists in high regard and it’s nice to see that the Academy, and the film industry in general, is starting to do so as well.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

ryan i feel REALLY out of the loop predicting, and i'm sensing i'll be terribly wrong...but i dont' really care.

tom perhaps one of them will appear on MY list of nominees.

boogie hope they make the right choices.