Friday, 21 January 2011

Oscar Talk (FINAL PREDICTIONS): Sound / Score/ Song

In a few days the Oscar nominations will be announced, and I’m generally bleh about it all. Which is no surprise, but a step up from last year when I wasn’t even interested enough to write a single word on the race. It’s shaping up to be a very tepid season, but who knows what surprises will come our way. I don’t know – and chances are I won’t predict them, but who cares – right? This is all just for fun.
I think I went back and forth enough on the sound category before, and I’m not expecting there to be too much of a competition for that category – though I shall inevitably be wrong about whatever the nominees end up becoming. I’m even more meh about this category, because I don’t think I’ll be right about it any occasion. Yes, I know I should bottle my enthusiasm – I’m just really excited (yes, the sarcasm is deafening).

Predictions (Sound Editing): 127 Hours / Toy Story III / Inception / Scott Pilgrim vs the World / True Grit Alternates: I have no idea umm Robin Hood? TRON? Black Swan?

Predictions (Sound Mixing): 127 Hours / Inception / Shutter Island / Toy Story III / True Grit Alternates: Even less ideas.... Can you see how on the ball I am here – sheesh,

Original Song
I swear, if Rahman wins the Oscar again I might implode. Actually, I retract that statement because I have feeling that he will win, and I’m not ready to leave yet. Yeah, 127 Hours is probably on its way to earning a nod, and probably a win here – though I can’t deny that I’d be enthused if Burlesque wins for “You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me” – not because, I love it but because ummm it’d be miles better. Okay, maybe not miles – but I’m interjecting my opinions again and predictions are not supposed to be personal. So, three nominees or five? Who might be five. And I want to say that the best song from Country Strong will be nominated “Me & Tennessee” because it’s Chris Martin and he’s brilliant – but then , I remember “Coming Home” is just the right amount of schmaltz that they’d go for. They probably won’t disregard “I See the Light” from Tangled, because it’s literally begging for a nomination with that (admittedly sweet lighted lantern scene). But, what if it gets snubbed in the animated category – which I would LOVE – would it still get in here? La de da. And then there’s “We Belong Together” which I can’t even remembering being IN Toy Story III - so umm, there you go. Then there’s Chronicles of Narnia which has that painfully trite “There’s A Place for Us”, but I’ll just reserve judgement on that one. And if the Oscars were too painfully highbrow to remember “Once In A Lifetime” from Cadillac Records I guess they won’t remember “Bound to You” (from Burlesque) which I wish they would, but they probably won’t. Then, there’s the song from The Illusionist which could make it, and I’d like to see it turn up because Je t’aime le francais. I cannot deny that I’m really excited to see what they nominate here, more than most of the “real” categories.

Predictions: IF I RISE from127 Hours / YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE LAST OF ME from Burlesque / CHANSON ILLUSIONIST from The Illusionist / I SEE THE LIGHT from Tangled / WE BELONG TOGETHER from Toy Story III Alertnates BOUND TO YOU from Burlesque / ME & TENNESSEE from Country Strong

Will Desplat win the Oscar? Will he? Will he? Will he? Okay – suffice to say, I WANT him to win it and of course as fate would have it he’s back up against the always insufferable officious ubiquitous always noticeable score of Rahman (ha, ha, ha). Not that I have anything against Rahman. (Honestly, I don’t.) The globe win for The Social Network is good but I think it’s for all the wrong reasons. Sure, the score IS good and beautifully understated, but who thinks they’re only rewarding it because The Social Network is intent on crushing all the competition? Just me? Err, moving on. Even worse than Rahman, though, it seems that Alice in Wonderland will be added to list of nominees. I LIKE Alice in Wonderland, marginally, but that score is just a bit of insufferable, repetitive tosh (that’s me, being British). And, I’ve resigned myself to everyone fêting the score for Inception – and I don’t hate it so I suppose if Zimmer wins I won’t combust, but ugh. God, can’t I wish for some originality here (and YES, by originality I mean Rabbit Hole and it's beautiful music – deal with it).

Hmm, these predictions sound less extrapolative and more mordant – but you know, I’m always one for difference. Any last minute hopes in all things aural?


Walter L. Hollmann said...

I agree: with all the suspense of those fifth-slot nominees will be in the acting is the most suspenseful this year. Will they honor the deserving Burlesque songs? Will they go for that aggravating 127 Hours song? Which song performed by a blonde heroine will be ignored?

I'm so with you on the Rabbit Hole score. SO. GOOD. How could anyone honor the best in score without including it?

Robert said...

I third the Rabbit Hole score love. SO good. Though, I'd be super happy if Social Network won...I think it's the best score of the year myself, and it'd be something different for the academy.

I'm still mega-rooting for How to train Your Dragon to grab a score nod. And NOT Alice in Wonderland, PLEASE.

Oh, and I have to comment on Inception - I agree. I don't hate it either but it's just so NOISY!!! (I'm kind of iffy about Hans Zimmer in general though.)

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

walter no lie, i really want to see xtina at the oscars. hee. former teenage infatuation that won't ever teper out.

robert YEs on inception. now, let's duck for cover before we get stoned. :)