Sunday, 23 January 2011

Oscar Talk (FINAL PREDICTIONS): Costume / Art Direction / Makeup

And, my predictions continue and on to the artistic. I'm hoping that they continue to impress and remember the good work in smaller films, but perhaps I should not hold my breath...


I think I’ve already dedicated enough space to the awesomeness that is Colleen Atwood’s work in Alice in Wonderland. I’m stilling gunning for a nomination for her because of that same awesomeness, although I’m thinking now that The King’s Speech could be a very possible spoiler. Not that we’re predicting winners here, but I suppose The King’s Speech will the Benjamin Button of the year – beautiful to look at, the most nominated film but loses costume to the more obvious contender (that year it was The Duchess). So, who’ll join them there? I know, it sounds silly, but I’m predicting Burlesque here over Black Swan. I don’t know why I’m holding out on Black Swan, but I’m not completely willing to think it’s going to be rewarded so much – even if the guilds remembered it (and they did remember Burlesque too) and I’m very tentative about the prediction for The Tempest, because as beautiful as the costumes may be Powell as snubbed for superior work in The Other Boleyn Girl. So, I’m torn. Knowing how obvious this branch can get at times, I suppose a True Grit nomination is a given. I’d wanted to think that the costumes for Agora could end up being a surprise, but this category seems unusually packed this year and other than the aforementioned Black Swan I could easily see the costumes from Robin Hood, Made in Dagenham or The Way Back (shortlisted for makeup) making it in. So, I predict these and I also predict that my predictions will be very wrong.

Predictions (alpha): Alice in Wonderland / Burlesque / The King’s Speech / True Grit / The Tempest Alternates (by probability): Black Swan / Agora / Robin Hood / Made in Dagenham / The Way Back / Shutter Island

I wonder if The Social Network love (which has gone over to score) will seep into this category. I haven’t predicted it here, though it’s on the alternate list. Alice in Wonderland doesn’t come anywhere near my top ten – but I have a feeling it’ll be nominated her for its obviousness. Not that it’d be awful – I can think of much worse inclusions, but it’d be unfortunate because I’m a fan of this category. Nolan’s work on Inception will probably be the one to beat here unless they decide to recognise the very deserving work done on The King’s Speech. Speaking of deserving, though, am I crazy for including Shutter Island here? Umm, don’t answer that. I keep on flip-flopping with that one – I can see it showing up on a few technical ballots, and then I can see it getting completely shafted. But, how can one ignore the delicious production design there? Sigh. It’s sort of the same with True Grit, which I don’t love as much but will probably have the edge over Shutter Island because people are actually talking about that film. I could see either of the alternates getting in, and I wouldn’t mind really – Black Swan is probably one I should include, but I’ll stick with this lot.

Predictions (alpha): Alice in Wonderland / Inception / The King’s Speech / Shutter Island / True Grit alternates (by probability): Black Swan / The Social Network / Never Let Me Go

Umm, is there really anything to say? Yeah, these are my predictions.

Predictions (alpha): Alice in Wonderland / True Grit / The Wolfman alternate: Barney's Version, The Way Back
Do you anticipate a leftfield costume nomination? Will Shutter Island be remembered? Am I mad for leaving Black Swan out of both categories – am I mad for these predictions period? What are you expecting to turn up – and where?


Walter L. Hollmann said...

I can see Shutter Island getting in for Art Direction. That's not crazy at all. Indeed, your five in that category look just right. I feel like The Way Back is going to sneak into Makeup, bumping out The Wolfman. And costumes? Hm.... I think Black Swan's in, and I think True Grit will have to miss out because of it.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

walter even though i don't expect the coens to be nominated for directing, i have true grit getting A LOT of nods, crazy of me...but i don't know.