Monday, 3 January 2011

Oscar Talk: Cinematography/Editing/Visual Effects

When it comes to the artistic and technical branches of the AMPAS I’m a fan of the three visual technical awards – cinematography, editing and visual effects, in that order. In fact, behind the acting categories cinematography might be my favourite. There’s something to be said about the time it takes to frame a scene and mise-en-scene and what not, even if the choices the members of the Academy make are sometimes woefully trite. In many ways, the cinematography nominees are like an alternate (and usually improved) version of the editing category. They’d nominate something like Far From Heaven or The Assassination of Jesse James... for cinematography, but not for editing. That’s why I’m predicting Shutter Island as a cinematography nominee and not as an editing one. Call it stubbornness, but I’m still not willing to think that it’s going to get completely shafted – especially in the technical categories where it’s so obviously towering above some of its contemporaries. I have True Grit as an alternate in both categories, I still have that inkling feeling that it doesn’t have a chance; I could be wrong. Considering that Deakins was the director of photography, a nomination is probably assured – and then some have been predicting it as a potential contender for a shock Oscar win. I don’t know, but here are my predictions.

Cinematography: Black Swan / Inception / The King’s Speech / The Social Network / Shutter Island (alternate True Grit, 127 Hours)

Editing: 127 Hours / Black Swan / Inception / The King’s Speech / The Social Network (alternate True Grit, The Fighter)

Visual Effects: Alice in Wonderland / The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows / Inception / TRON Legacy
You know what I’d like to see, though? An editing nod for The Ghost Writer, a cinematography nod for Cairo Time or Rabbit Hole, a visual effects nod for Shutter Island. All worthy contenders that probably won’t be remembered, but it’d be nice if things got a little mixed-up.


anahita said...

I haven't seen an awful lot of these yet so probs can't judge, but atm I'd kind of like to see a cinematography nod for harry potter. it wasn't a particularly good film but it did have some amazing visuals and it would be nice if these weren't just pigeon holed into "special effects", seeing as the special effects are usually the least impressive part of the visual side. on another note, big love for inception :) xx

Univarn said...

I love 127 Hours, but I feel people's 'ewwww' factor has done it in (nomination-wise). I think True Grit will takes its place (was absolutely beautifully shot and deserving on its own right).

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

anahita i kind of get what you mean, this particular film wasn't really about the "special" effects. but i can't see it getting a cinematography nod, although the one for half blood prince last year was well deserved.

univarn i'd think that sort of controversy would make it a likely contender. still, i'm almost definitely a fool for not predicting deakins....