Saturday, 15 January 2011

Oscar Talk: The Best Actors

It would seem that the best Actor race is all but sewn up with Colin Firth getting the Oscar that more than a few felt he was robbed of last year. I wouldn’t say that he was robbed, but of the five nominees he was my favourite, so good for him. I’ve still yet to see The King’s Speech – the only Best Actor lock I’ve not screened yet – but putting all things into consideration: timing, picture, likeability – he looks like a sure bet. Who’ll join him? Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network) and James Franco (127 Hours) seem like locks for a nomination and the last two spots seem open. Of the set fighting for a nod I still say Robert Duvall will get it definitely, even if True Grit has turned into a blockbuster I believe there’s more goodwill for a Duvall nomination – Crazy Heart aside, the AMPAS don’t seem that smitten with Bridges – case in point, look how long the man waited to get that Oscar that everyone kept saying he was so “overdue” for. I suppose I’m not counting him out entirely, in fact that, right there, could be the nominated five. Ryan Gosling is waiting just below for some love for his work in Blue Valentine but there’s really not much buzz for that. I’m still somewhat surprised that in a year of two high profile flicks Leonardo DiCaprio has turned up at only a few precursors. His Shutter Island work is superior, but the film has failed to make a mark in the race and Inception hasn’t become the all encompassing ruler of the season – so he can’t depend on either.
This does make for an especially boring race, but that’s awards’ season for you.

Predictions: Jeff Bridges in True Grit / Robert Duvall in Get Low / Jesse Eisenberg in The Social Network / Colin Firth in The King’s Speech / James Franco in 127 Hours /

Are your tired of me fĂȘting Rabbit Hole? Tough; Aaron Eckhart should at least be a contender in the race – but alas, no love for him. That’s a shame, considering that the man gave the best performance Jason Reiteman has ever directed and managed to go toe to toe with the Queen of Hollywood herself in her best performance.

What’s your biggest gripe with the Best Actor race? Which actor are you shocked has received no attention?


Luke said...

You haven't seen The King's Speech yet??!! How is it possible that the guy who was heralding it as a future piece of genius over a year ago hasn't gotten to see it yet? You must be dying. :) Also, Rabbit Hole was a great flick - you're right to question it's lack of inclusions in shortlists.

Walter L. Hollmann said...

My biggest gripes are:

1) A lack of play for Mark Wahlberg. Really? Everyone from The Fighter is getting a nomination except...the fighter? I know his performance isn't as loud as the others, but he's still damn good.

2) You haven't seen The King's Speech yet. Is it not yet out where you are? Because that's insane. Oscar movies should be in their wide release by the week before Oscars at the latest. Silliness.

Jose said...

So you think Rabbit Hole is Nic's best performance?
VERY interesting but I see your Becca and raise you a Grace AND a Satine.

Anonymous said...

I want King Colin to win. Because I support justice.

Andy Buckle said...

Really hope Colin Firth wins this year for The King's Speech! However, I haven't seen 127 Hours, Get Low or True Grit yet. But this seems the likely five from what I have heard. Eisenberg was outstanding but I can't see him winning. Loved Gosling in Blue Valentine. He should be the best challenger to the five you mention.

anahita said...

Colin Firth will probably get it in a very Kate Winslet-esque way - The King's Speech isn't his best ever performance (that honour lies with A Single Man), but he deserves it just for his overall work. Not to say he wasn't brilliant in The King's Speech but there it is. Looking forward to seeing The Social Network too, Jesse Eisenberg seems like such an unlikely contender, but is meant to be so so good.

Colleen said...

I didn't see The King's Speech yet. It's hard because they save all these dang movies till the end of the year and it's hard to fit them all in. I may have to see three or four next weekend. I did catch The Fighter yesterday and I must say I was a little disappointed.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

luke and walter nope, it's not here yet. at this point i'm hoping i'll get a screener shipped here, i mean this IS south america. oscars are not exactly priority :) and walter i sort of blanked on wahlberg (yikes), i think i'd predict him as a more likely alternate over gosling. more on the performance when i review it...soon-ish (hopefully).

jose oh lord, can i say freudian slip? i didn't even REALISE i'd typed that, so now i'm scratching my head thinking which nicole i'd give the honour to. i don't know...i think i gave her virginia "best" mentions in my decade in review, but yes grace, satine, MARGOT.... i don't know. why is she so awesome (and conversely, why do so few seem to care?)

emily aye, aye.

andy i wouldn't call any of the three you've yet to see ESSENTIAL viewings, other than for their potential impact on oscars. they're all entertaining, though. of the three, bridges is the headscratcher - "good" but not, GREAT...not even GOOD.

anahita SEE it. it's the movie of our generation (rolling my eyes at that one). but it IS good and he is great in it, and i've never really cared for him.

colleen i was expecting to be disappointed with the fighter but wasn't. i should review it soon, let me know if/when you write your thoughts on it.

Anonymous said...

I guess the Globes sealed the deal for Mr. Firth! A good thing though.

Anonymous said...

Edgar Ramirez for Carlos and Tahar Rahim for A Prophet are the biggest errors for me. Both deserve recognition.

Danny King said...

Just saw Blue Valentine today, and Gosling deserves to be getting more consideration for sure. Michelle Williams, too.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

5plitreel yeah, this category seems to be the most sewn up of the acting ones.

james well, i think ramirez is now a TV film which means emmy glory.

danny that's one i'm hoping to check out soon.

Robert said...

I'm not too upset with the Best Actor race since I really like most of the performances, but Aaron Eckhart getting absolutely NO attention is baffling. He's absolutely fantastic in "Rabbit Hole", and you have the right to continually praise that movie! :P