Monday, 17 January 2011

Music Break [...with Julie Andrews]

I’m back! What? Did you not notice that I was gone? I was offline for the last 40 hours, so that feels like something momentous to me. But, enough of me...what better way to start the morning than Julie Andrews performing a medley in concert?

Good morning.


Ross McG said...

NO WAY! i was looking at Andrews and Gene Kelly doing Supercalifragilisitc... the other day - check it out on utube, its great. was doing some prep for this weeks battle on RvR - its Sound Of Music V Mary Poppins. me and the other Ross gonna be singing. sorry havent been on your site for ages Encore. i suck

Terri said...

That wasn't Gene Kelly, that was Dick Van Dyke! LOL...Sound of Music v. Mary Poppins? Sound of Music hands down. Whoever is doing the Sound of Music better have your best chops on hand! Good luck!