Saturday, 1 January 2011

"Linkin' in the New Year" (5 Links)

2010 may be over, but I've not finished watching all the films I want to from the year. Still, more important news abounds. Patron Saint of Supporting Actresses StinkyLulu is coming out from hiding on the 9th of January just so we can celebrate all the lovely supporting women of 2010. It's the fifth year of this tradition, so be sure to make your pick(s) for which actress you'd like to profile. From Williams to Wiest to Washington to Hershey to Newton - it's been a good year, think outside the box.

Nick takes a look at the 25 films (non new-releases) that he enjoyed watching the most last year. This is the kind of best-of list I can get into, the overwhelming bulk of best-of 2010 lists is a bit maddening, truth me told.

That being said, though, I couldn't not link to Yojimbo's 2010 wrap-up (and he does have my favourite rating system for seeing movies), and here's what Tom thought of the year - it's not a top-ten list but a nice lucid essay on the films he saw that year.

I'm not as big a tennis enthusiast as Ryan (then again, who is) but it was a good year for the sport, no? And by good year - I mean, Nadal was on fire. Yes, I do.

Univarn has a challenge for himself, this year - 11 films to see. Three of them are actually on my top 100, so I say he should get started on them as soon as possible.
So, HAPPY NEW YEAR....and I hope you all take part in the Supporting Actress Blogathon.

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TomS said...

Andrew...Thank you for your mention! Wow, it's colleagues like you who inspire, and make it fun to keep writing.