Monday, 3 January 2011

"Giuseppe is dead, man"

Pete Postlethwaite's performance in In the Name of the Father is one of my favourite things from 1992. He's not that much older than Daniel Day Lewis (who plays his son in the film) but he plays the role of Giuseppe Conlon, a wrongly imprisoned man, with much sincerity. The scene above occurs as Giuseppe dies and the inmates light pieces of paper to celebrate his life and always gets me teary, and whenever I do watch it again it'll be doubly sad because Postlethwaite died today after a long bout with cancer. He may never have gotten that leading role he deserved, and he may have spent an undue number of times playing bit roles in thankless dramas - but he will be missed.
Light a candle for Giuseppe.


Robert said...

I'll always remember Pete Postlethwaite as the Narrator in James and the Giant Peach. That was a childhood definer right there!

CMrok93 said...

Great actor, and it is such a shame to see him go, since he has been getting all these little roles in such big films. RIP

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

robert he's been everywhere, though. and i do love that movie.

CM it is a shame, he had a packed year in terms of giving bit roles. one of the highlights in the town.