Wednesday, 19 January 2011

From the Stage to the (Small) Screen

Regardless of if my appreciation for Glee ever peters out (which at this point seems unlikely) I’ll always be especially grateful to them for two things. One, was ensuring that after the untimely cancellation of Pushing Daisies allowing Kristin Chenoweth to return to the tube to show us just why she’s so brilliant – and the second is bringing Idina Menzel to the small screen in a role which managed to show that she was as good an actor as a singer. In its ideal form Glee is the sort of veritable playground for any Broadway actor and although guest stars don’t definitively improve the quality of the episodes – I’d love if this quintet of ladies from the Great White Way would get featured on Glee (I’ve featured some of them before in my original From Stage to Screen Post).

Jane Krakowski
 I suppose, in reality, there’s little chance of this coming to fruition since Krakowski is continuing her hilarious stint on 30 Rock where she continues to be the best-in-show. Still, the very basics of Glee seem perfect for Krakowski’s own brand of strange and sultry humour. With her very blonde hair she seems like a perfect candidate for some subplot involving Sam or Quinn, but she’s probably too old to be Quinn’s sister and unless Sam was a teenage birth she’s probably too young for that – although, who knows what they’d decide to do. I’ll always be grateful to Tina Fey and company for allowing Jane to actually perform somewhat regularly on the show, so it’s not like she’s being robbed of the chance to showcase her talent – but you can’t deny that her brand of crazy would work perfectly at McKinley High.
Audra McDonald
As good an actor as Audra McDonald is, her voice is just sublime. It’s almost offensive that she’s never done any singing on any television show – Private Practice doesn’t deserve her most of the times (not that they deserve Kate Walsh, either – but I digress). I’m sort of stumped as to how Audra could fit into the fabric of Glee. If it weren’t for Cheyenne Jackson (who hasn’t even had a significant plot-point thus far) I’d think she’d be a great successor to Idina’s Shelby – original director of Vocal Adrenaline. What’s so weird about her is that you don’t think she’s a natural comedienne (she’s probably not) – but she’ll always surprise you in dramatic moments with some weird choices that always end up being humorous. I don’t know how, but I want her on Glee.

Donna Murphy
If Tangled was good for anything, other than the occasional vaguely entertaining tune from Alan Menken, it was reminding me how great Donna Murphy is. It’s probably because I associate her most with the very dour Passion that I forget that she’s a great comedienne (which manages to emerge even on an album recording of Wonderful Town). It’s that broad comedic talent of hers that would make her a perfect choice for a nemesis to Sue. Really, there’s no telling how they’d get her to sing but if there’s anyone that can take down Jane Lynch it’d be Murphy.

Bernadette Peters
Honestly, I’m sort of surprised she hasn’t turned up on Glee as yet. Before the idea of Carol Burnett (which turned into perfection) was pitched I’d contemplated the idea of Peters being Sue’s mother. Now, I’m sort of stumped but whatever role they do give her she’d be remarkable. With all these children in the club, at least one of them has to have a crazy – potentially boozy – grandmother. It’d be a stroke of genius if they get Peters to tag along on an episode with Chenoweth (I still think the two are reincarnations of the other). Perhaps the idea of Peters as April’s own boozy mother would be a sort of perfect idea. That I’d love to see.

Sara Ramirez

Two words: Santana’s sister. Sara Ramirez is brilliant, and she’s constantly doing good things with occasionally middling writing on Grey’s Anatomy (I’m still a vague fan of the show, truth be told). It’s watching the clips of her in Spamalot that make me realise just how vociferous and passionate she can be – they always make Callie a beat too sedate. Wouldn’t it be great seeing her play opposite Glee’s own resident crazy Latina? I can already imagine her – in typical Santana fashion – trying to seduce Will Schuster.
Which of these ladies would you love most to appear for a guest stint on Glee?

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Robert said...

Donna Murphy! Bernadette Peters! Sara Ramirez! Ahhhh can't they all be on Glee? Or really, on any television show. Goodness. So much brilliance.