Thursday, 20 January 2011

Failure to Launch, Season One: Episode 5

Matthew McConaughey was the first person I cited on this feature and we established that he was essentially ineffectual. It’s weird, as bland as McConaughey is I always think of Bradley Cooper as sort of a budget version of him – and since McConaughey is not someone of note it makes Cooper an obvious choice for this feature. Cooper keeps turning up in films being ineffectual and bland and this year he seems intent to go on a rampage set to star in two films this year. It’s about time we assess his career.
Prosecution, Exhibit A / B / C: Failure to Launch, The Hangover, He’s Just Not That Into You
I can’t even put them separately because it seems like Bradley Cooper always plays the same role, whatever he’s in. Really, there’s nothing wrong with actors playing to their strengths – but it becomes a problem when the guy you keep playing seems like a jerk. I just had to include this. Cooper stars in a supporting role opposite, you know who – Matthew McConaughey. True, Failure to Launch is a terrible and everyone just seems tired in it – from Kathy Bates all the way to Sarah Jessica Parker and Cooper isn’t being helped by the script, but that doesn’t really make him less culpable. Then there’s The Hangover, a movie I’m constantly out of the loop on. I still am nonplussed about its critical acclamation, and though Ed Helms tries (as he’s wont to do) Cooper is at his unbearable worst here. True, I feel bad for him in He’s Just Not That Into You – because he’s placed opposite Jennifer Connelly being unbearably shrewish. Yes, there are moments opposite Scarlett where he’s almost pleasant to watch – but they don’t really last which makes me wonder why he keeps on getting casted in movies?
Defence, Exhibit A: Alias
I can’t think of a single film where I’ve been impressed with Cooper, but he was always interesting to watch on Alias. Perhaps, it’s because over time he was able to build his character and move from the lifeless ghoul he seems to be in most of his films. I can’t say why this is the only role of his I can bring to the table as possibility of promise from him...and that was four years ago.
Am I alone here, or do you think Cooper’s guilty of being an abysmal actor? (And he went to acting school!) Guilty? Innocent?
Anthony Anderson, Guilty (2) 
Eva Mendes, Guilty (3), Undecided (2)
Jac Black, Verdict: Guilty (4), Undecided (2), Innocent (1)
Matthew McConaughey, Verdict: Guilty (8)


okinawaassault said...

The most offensive part about him is that Abbie Cornish gets second billing after him. She deserves better than that.

Simon said...

Looks like a date rapist.

Walter L. Hollmann said...

The defense submits Wedding Crashers, wherein he plays an actual jerk that you want defeated, complete with hilarious seal barking. I would also submit The Hangover, except the prosecution used it, BUT I would declare that him being the Alpha Male douche in front of his friends the whole time is absolved by the look on his face when he's with his son. He makes a joke about marriage and children being a trap, but then he looks down at his boy, sleeping on his shoulder, and he gives a little smile. That was touching, to me. But then I loved the movie.

Joanna said...

Poor Bradley Cooper. I think if he found the right material he could be good. Maybe Renee can help him out...

I actually think he's great in The Hangover. The casting is one of the few things that works in that over-hyped mess.

You forgot Valentine's Day! A movie with too many characters and subplots, Cooper and his entire story arch gets lost in shuffle. He does look very nice sitting next to Julia though...

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

simon and paolo GOD, you guys are mean. I LOVE IT. yes, he should NEVER get top billing over abbie and on that other thing, umm I'll pass simon (i take it you think he's guilty?)

walter aaaaaaaawww, walter has a defence - and an actual good one. shucks.

joana he looks all right (andrew said grudgingly.)