Monday, 6 December 2010

Music Break [...with Andrew Lloyd Webber]

Andrew Lloyd Webber may have my name, but I still sort of loathe him. Still, I'll admit he's sort of awesome sometimes. Case in point: Jesus Christ Superstar. I sort of can't resist his ludicrous at times re-imagining of the New Testament and what not. True all his musicals (Evita, Phantom) sound like they're all the score to one loooooooong show, but Jesus Christ Superstar has some kick-ass numbers.

I'm not sure if Carl Anderson or Ted Neely would win in a sing-off (though Neely does remind me of Adam Pascal, a lot.)
Okay, so much for "religion". As you were.


Robert said...

OH I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't really like Andrew Lloyd Weber. JCS is probably my favorite show by him as well, I love the music, though I did see it live once and I feel like the pacing is a bit strange but alas. Haha

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

actually, robert i thought most serious theatre folks hated ALW, which makes me feel badly for him because he's not AWFUL but he can get annoying. i actually love the evita score, but this one is a close second. i only care for bits and pieces of his other works.