Tuesday, 21 December 2010

"The Links Are Gonna Have Their Way..." (A Vaguely Oscar-ish Edition)

I’m shining the spotlight on two pieces this week, the first an article Jose wrote over at the Film Experience. I still find it  amusing that he manages to write so much on something as ineffectual as an Academy Awards’ poster – but there’s creative writing for you. And while we’re on the note of Oscars’ Nick writes an especially profound ten points (part 1, part 2) on what could very well be the next Best Picture winner – The Social Network.

So, will True Grit be a heavy hitter at the Oscars? I say no, but Paolo offers up a nice review of it. I didn't like the John Wayne version, so I'm dubious of how much I'll like this one...we shall see...(speaking of the original Yojimbo offers up a scene-analysis from the original True Grit).

I had something close to love for Animal Kingdom when I saw it a few weeks back (people, get on that) and Jacki Weaver is getting effusive praise for her role, Walter doesn’t love the film as much, but I still love his review of it.

The Fighter sort of came out of no where and is now looking like a heavy frontrunner, Castor seems to be particularly fond of it, and Tim offers up a nice review of it too (I especially love what he has to say about Adams, though alas I can't say if he's right - I've yet to see it) and to make it a trinity check out Joe's insightful take on the supporting women in The Fighter who won't be remembered come Oscar night.

Remember The Town? Of course you do, it seems like it may build steam and lead Jeremy Renner to a second Oscar nod. It's not that I hated The Town - I just didn't care much for it. That's why I like CS' review of it so much.


Jose said...

You flatterer. Glad you enjoyed the post...

I LOVED Renner in that movie and dunno why I was so surprised when his name started popping out among nominees. He nails a part AMPAS members LOVE.

AlterEgo said...

You should see some of Ki-duk Kim movies. Believe me,you will not regret it. I am curious what you think about his work. It's something different. :)