Thursday, 30 December 2010

“It Will Be Linked”

 My favourite post these past few days comes undoubtedly from Joe Reid who shares my overzealous love for Parks & Recreation. In case you didn’t know, Parks & Recreation sits next to Dexter as my favourite television show. Joe compiles a top ten list of the best episodes of season 2. Good stuff, people.

Mike is asking an interesting question. If you’ve seen a film, but can’t remember it – have you really seen it?

The Fighter is one of those films headed to an Oscar nomination that I’ve yet to see. I’m still not particularly excited about it, but Paolo offers up some nice thoughts.

Yesterday was Jude Law’s birthday, and Anna celebrates it by reviewing Cold Mountain. It’s so weird that Jude only has two nominations, ah well.

I think this is like the fifth True Grit review I’ve linked to, and I’m still yet to see it. Univarn’s a fan, though.

Don’t you just love Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Anahita does.

Tom gives a nice review of The King’s Speech which I’m waiting impatiently to see.
Andy’s #1 film is Inception which doesnt make me particularly enthused, but he’s got Scott Pilgrim vs the World and The Social Network AND The Ghost Writer in his top ten. Aye-aye, I say.

And, Rabbit Hole one of those films that’s being remembered but not as much as I think it should. Two reviews come your way, Jose offers up a nice look mentioning some subtleties of the film and Tim discusses the general morosness of it all – although it really never struck me as sad...


MovieNut14 said...

Thanks for the linkage.

Jose said...

I know those are your favorite shows and I have never ever seen an ep of either. I might give em a try sometime soon...

Also happy bday Jude!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the linkage as well. Next up on my blog - "Enter the Void: I can Relate to That."

TomS said...

Andrew, thank you for the mention! Looking forward to your new reviews, especially "King's Speech".

Mike Lippert said...

Thank you for the link good sir.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

everyone i wouldn't be linking you if you weren't great.

jose oooh, ooh, see dexter. i love parks & rec, but i'll admit the humour can be a bit polarising an idea what sort of comedy you like.

Ryan T. said...

Thanks for the link! Took me longer than usual to come up with my list and I'm still questioning a few placements. Heh, whatever.

Ooh and I'm so glad I caught up w/ Parks & Rec. Really excited for new season.

Anyway... HAPPY NEW YEAR, Andrew!