Wednesday, 22 December 2010

An Auspicious Moment in Television History

There’s something especially great about rewatching great TV shows and seeing all those important “firsts” – like the first time Spike arrived in Sunnydale, or the first time Ross and Rachel made out – you know those moments that stick with you. Take Will & Grace for example, it’s not till the second episode that the crazy sidekicks – Karen and Jack – meet up, and though I’ll always prefer Will to Jack, no one can top Karen. And their meeting deserves to be recognised as the benchmark moment in television it was (says me).

Jack: “Are you Karen?”

Karen: “Yes, honey.”

Jack: “Well; Peter, Paula, Mary – you are fabulous!”

Karen: “Well, thank you. Who are you?”

Jack: “I’m Jack.”

Karen: “Will’s Jack?”

Karen: “Well, hello honey. We’ve talked on the phone a million times, I can’t believe we’ve never met.”
Jack: “Look at you, you little hottie! Stand up!”

Karen: “No, come on!”

And she proceeds to anyway...
Jack: “Look at you, you are a rocket ship!”
Karen: “Oh, get out of here you strange person!”
Karen: “This is, this is...what is this?”

Jack: “PS, loving the boobs.”

Jack: “Perky, with all kinds of attitude.”

Jack: “Store bought?”

Karen: “Uh, uh.”
Jack: “Right on!”

Jack: “God, I had no idea you’d be so – kitten with a whip!”
Jack: “Come on, let’s touch tummies!”
Karen: “Oh my lord, you are a complete freak!”

(And she proceeds to anyway.)
And thus, an impenetrable union was formed.


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Anonymous said...

And this was in the 90's too. How Calvin Klein are their outfits? :P

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

ryan so am i.

paolo ha. it's that feeling when you watch friends too. but the 90s were amazing.